Cute Easter Tea light Craft

This year, make this Easter tea light craft together as a family. It’s a simple project for kids!

With just some simple crafts supplies from the Dollar Store, you can make a super cute bunny and chick that are sure to brighten up your home for the holiday.

Ready to turn a basic flameless candle into an adorable Easter icon?

Tea lights made into a chick and bunny sitting on a whitewashed table surrounded by a couple of colored plastic Easter eggs.

Follow the step-by-step instructions at the bottom of the post to make your own Easter-inspired votives.

You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to create!

Easter Tea light Craft

Easter is a time for family and fun, so why not create something special this spring?

In less than 30 minutes, using things from the Dollar Store or your craft closet, you can make adorable bunny and chick tealights that are sure to make your home look extra festive.

Your tweens will love these DIY Easter decorations. They’re simple to make, so don’t be surprised if your kids will want to make a whole pack of them!

Crafting is a great way for families to spend some quality time together. Everyone puts distractions aside and focuses on the project and each other.

So, it’s time to pull out the craft supplies and make some cute Easter décor.

Hand holding a bunny made from a tea light. Chick tea light and colored plastic Easter eggs sitting on whitewashed table.

Bunny and Chick Craft Materials

One of the best things about this spring craft is that it uses fairly basic supplies. In fact, you can find most of them at the Dollar Store or in your craft closet.

It’s an inexpensive Easter craft that’s fun to make.

Use this list to gather the elements you’ll need to create these adorable tea lights. And if you don’t want to head out, you can always have them delivered to you.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to put together these handicrafts. You’ll have no problem finding the time to make some for yourself.

Battery Operated Tea Lights CandlesBattery Operated Tea Lights CandlesBattery Operated Tea Lights CandlesCraft Foam SheetsCraft Foam SheetsCraft Foam SheetsBaker's TwineBaker’s TwineBaker's TwineAcrylic Paint in Assorted ColorsAcrylic Paint in Assorted ColorsAcrylic Paint in Assorted Colors


And when you’re finished, put them on your Easter table or let your tweens use them to decorate their room for the holiday.

Tea Light Craft Tips and Tricks

While this project is fairly straightforward, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

  • If you’re using one of the tea lights you have at home, check that the battery still works before you start to paint. You don’t want to go through the whole process only to find out that the flame doesn’t light.
  • Once you let the first layer of paint dry, if you can still see parts of the candle, just add another coat. You can paint as many layers as you need to get the color you want.

Overall, this is a simple project. That’s why it’s a perfect activity for families to do together.

Hand holding a chick tea light craft. Bunny tea light is sitting on a whitewashed table along with some colored plastic Easter eggs.

Hopefully, this is just the start of your crafting this holiday.

More Easter Crafts

Ready to make something else? Give these projects a try.

There are so many fabulous ideas out there for Easter-themed crafts that tweens will want to make.

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Ready to make your chick and bunny tealights? Just follow the directions below.

Two battery tea lights turned into a bunny and chick - Easter craft

Dollar Store Easter Tea Light Craft

Yield: 2
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

A few simple supplies from the Dollar Store transform into a cute as can be Bunny and Chick to light the way to Easter!


  • Battery Operated Tea Lights, White (2)
  • Craft Foam, in White, Pink, Orange
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Bakers Twine
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Acrylic Craft Paint in Yellow, Pink, Orange
  • Easter Tea Light Craft Pattern


  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pencil with New Eraser


Gather all supplies.

All of the craft supplies needed to make a chick and bunny out of tea lights sitting on a whitewashed table.


Remove the battery operated tealights from the packaging. Pull the tab in the back and make sure the flame lights.

Paint the base of the chick tea light with yellow acrylic craft paint. Let dry. Apply a second coat if necessary.  

Bottle of yellow acrylic paint, paintbrush with yellow paint on it, and a tea light in the process of being painted yellow. All on a whitewashed table.


Paint the flame of the yellow chick votive with orange acrylic craft paint.

Then, paint the flame of the white bunny votive with pink acrylic craft paint. Let dry.

Bottle of pink and orange acrylic paint. Paintbrush with pink paint on end. Tea light with light painted pink. Tealight painted yellow with light painted orange. All sitting on whitewashed table.


Now, let’s add the faces!

The chick and bunny tea lights each get two wiggle eyes.

Add cheeks by dipping a new pencil eraser into pink acrylic craft paint and dotting on either side of the bunny’s nose and the chick’s beak.

Craft materials to make a bunny and chick out of tea lights sitting on a whitewashed table.


Download, print, and cut out the Easter Tea Light Craft Pattern.

Trace the bunny’s outer ears onto white craft foam, the inner ears onto pink craft foam, and the chick’s feather onto orange craft foam. Cut out all patterns with scissors.

Fringe the chick’s feather by cutting slits around the edge of the orange craft foam.

Craft supplies on a whitewashed table. Pencil, scissors, and craft foam being cut out for bunny ears and chicken feathers.


Using hot glue, attach the feather to the top of the back of the chick tea light. Glue the white outer ears to the top back of the bunny tea light, and then attach the pink inner ears. Use the photo for placement.

You can use liquid craft glue for this project, but you will have to wait for it to dry.

Using a glue gun to attach craft foam to tealights as part of a bunny and chick Easter craft.


Add the bunny’s whiskers and mouth with a permanent black marker.

Tie two bows with colored baker’s twine and glue one to the chick and one to the bunny.

Two battery tea lights turned into a bunny and chick - Easter craft


If you want to give your creation a whimsical look, use two different sized wiggle eyes.

Tweens will love creating these adorable crafts. Add these Easter votives to your table decorations or string them together to create a cute banner!

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This Easter, take a bit of time and make these adorable bunnies and chicks out of battery-powered tea lights that are sure to make your home look extra festive.

Share your experience making these Easter tea light crafts with us!

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