Hilarious Board Games That are Fun for Teens and Families

These are some of the most hilarious board games you can choose for your next game night with your teens.

Games like these give everyone a chance to let their hair down, act goofy, and just enjoy being together. They’re a great choice if your main goal is to laugh and have a ton of fun.

And aside from being extremely enjoyable, each of these is also easy to play, which is a huge bonus.

This list is full of humorous games that you and your older kids will want to play over and over again.

Ready to enjoy a night of laughter with your tweens and teens?

Parts of Throw Throw Burrito card game.

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Older Kids Will Love These Hilarious Board Games

Tabletop games are a wonderful way for teens and parents to connect over a common activity. They help make memories while strengthening family relationships.

Plus, it’s always interesting when the competition gets heated.

These simple games will make you laugh until you cry. I’m not kidding. The other night, we were playing 5 Second Rule together and my stomach hurt from laughing so much. I had tears running down my face because I just couldn’t come up with three appropriate words in five seconds.

Some are funny because of their theme or the amusing information on the cards, like Keeping it Saxy and Exploding Kittens. With others, like Throw Throw Burrito and Telestrations, the hilarity comes from the actions players take and the answers they give.

When you’re running around the house, trying to hit another player with a squishy burrito, you’ll be roaring until your side hurts.

Funny Board Games for Teens

When you want to bring everyone together for some crazy fun, grab one of these humorous board games off the shelf.

Trust me, you and your teens will have a blast with any of the titles on this list.

Ready for some side splitting family game time?

Hopefully, you’ve found a new game or two to add to your game closet. As you can see, any one of these make an excellent choice if you’re looking to have a night full of fun and laughter with your kids.

Collage of 4 different funny board games for teens.

Other Really Fun Games for Teens

  • Double Ditto is a game that requires quick-thinking from all players.
  • These card games are perfect when you’re looking for a fast-paced game to play.

Which Hilarious Board Game Are You Going To Play First?

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