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As you know, math is an important subject for students to master. With the right approach and resources, you can engage your tweens and get them excited to learn.

To set your kids up for success in high school and beyond, math for middle school needs to be a focal point of your homeschool. But it doesn’t have to be boring.

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Whether you’re looking for math games or the best math curriculum for teens, we have what you need to make it easy to teach this subject to your kids.

Middle School Math

My goal is always to make math fun and engaging for this age group. To make learning both engaging and captivating, we have crafted a library of activities and curriculum tailored for tweens and teens.

The resources below will provide you with the necessary tools to assist middle schoolers in grasping and applying a variety of math concepts.

From excellent curriculum, hands-on math activities, fun games, and math-related projects, there’s plenty here to round out your program.

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Math Curriculum

Math programs for older students are designed to build a solid foundation by reinforcing the basics and gradually expanding their skill set. It often includes a range of topics, from geometry to probability and from statistics to algebra.

Here are some programs that are perfect for homeschoolers.

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middle School Math Games

Did you know that it’s actually quite easy to make math more engaging and interactive?

Math games are an excellent way to make math fun while still teaching students essential skills. They give kids a chance to explore new concepts, solidify their understanding of existing ones, and practice their problem-solving skills.

Add some of these math games for middle school to your lesson plans and see how quickly your tween’s math skills improve!

Included are:

  • Quick math games
  • Games you can play online
  • Math board games
  • Fun and games with dice

There’s something here for everyone.

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Fun Math Activities

Junior High is a fantastic time to use engaging exercises in your math class. Step outside your traditional curriculum by adding some of these projects and hands-on activities to your lesson plans.

When you add interactive activities to your day, older kids have fun building their math skills and get to see mathematics in a whole new light.

Math manipulatives, wooden circles split into fractions, colored pencils, blocks with numbers and math symbols.

Pi Day Ideas

Pi Day is always an exciting time for number enthusiasts! It’s the perfect opportunity to turn math class into a fun, engaging experience that will leave students awaiting this annual celebration.

This math-themed holiday is an excellent excuse to add some fun and creative ideas into your homeschooling day. They’re sure to show your kids that mathematics can be a blast!

What Math Topics are Taught in Middle School?

Middle school math includes several fun math topics. They’re important for your tweens to understand as they prepare for high school.

The type of math taught in middle school includes things like:

  • basic math operations
  • fractions
  • decimals
  • integers
  • statistics
  • probability measurement and conversion
  • rational Numbers
  • algebraic concepts
  • geometry and shapes

Basic arithmetic is the foundation of all higher-level math concepts. It’s necessary to develop problem-solving skills and understanding how equations work.

Algebra builds on the basics by introducing equations and variables as well as allowing students to work with linear functions.

Geometry challenges students to explore shapes in two and three dimensions, including angles, polygons, circles, lines, and more.

By exploring each of these topics, your kids will gain the knowledge they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

How Can I Make Math Fun in Middle School?

This subject doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t have to stick to textbook learning if that’s not engaging enough for your tweens.

You can make this subject more fun and interesting for your students by focusing on activities that provide hands-on learning experiences.

Math games, interactive projects, and real-life applications are all great ways to engage kids in the subject of math.

The best part is that it isn’t hard to add these things to your lesson plans.

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Fun Math Resources

Here are some awesome products to help show off your love for math.

Make sure you check out all the awesome resources we have for middle school math!