Math Games for Middle School (& High School)

People always ask whether they can keep using math games for middle school (and high school) or if they should stick to more formal lesson plans when their kids finish elementary school. My answer is a resounding, YES, keep using these fun and helpful tools with your older kids.

Math is one of those subjects that can be challenging to teach as kids get older and boring to review no matter what grade your child is in. That’s why I will use a math game (math board game, math dice game, and math card game) whenever I can. My kids seem to learn better when they’re having fun and there’s less pressure.

Whether you're teaching middle school or high school math in a classroom or in a home school, consider adding hands-on activities to your math lesson plans. Math games are the perfect tool to use to work on math facts and show your student real world applications. We love math board games, math dice games, and math card games.

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Math Games for Middle School and High School

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Teaching middle school math or high school math? Don't stop using hands-on activities to help them master their math facts. There is no reason to stick solely to textbook work. Personally, I love using math games for middle school learning. Math board games, dice games, and card games create a fun environment where older kids can master all of the math facts they're learning.

Wondering why you should incorporate games into your math lesson plans? According to Marilyn Burns, a nationally known mathematics educator, playing math games with students is beneficial for:

• “providing students practice with skills;

• giving students ways to apply mathematical ideas to problem solving situations and develop strategic thinking, important aspects of mathematical thinking;

• building students’ interest in and appreciation for mathematics by engaging them in enjoyable activities and challenges;

• supporting the idea that learning can (and should) be as fun as possible.”


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If you're teaching math to older kids, add activities to your lesson plans that will get them more involved, like math games for middle school. Hands-on activities (instead of just textbook work) are a wonderful way to give your student real world application experience, while giving them a fun way to master their facts. I use board games, dice games, and card games when I can.

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Math Games for Middle School and High School