50+ Fun and Interesting Middle School Math Games


When you play middle school math games, you show tweens that math is fun.

I’m all about interactive learning methods. That’s why math games for middle school should be a part of your lesson plans.

Math is one of those subjects that can be challenging to teach and boring to review. Kids seem to learn better when they’re having fun and there’s less pressure.

Pile of math disks - number and operation symbols

Games are incredibly easy to find for elementary math, but once kids start learning fractions, decimals, and algebra, it’s a bit more challenging.

That’s why I put together this huge list, full of amazing games that will teach and challenge your middle schooler.

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Why Play Math Games

Math games can be a great addition to your homeschool lesson plans because they help students learn and practice math concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Getting to a place of mastery in math can be boring and repetitious. But when kids use games to build their math skills, they have fun while they learn.

Games also help to break up the monotony of a homeschooling day. Plus, they’re just plain exciting!

If you’re looking for a way to make your homeschool math lessons more engaging, consider incorporating some math games into your curriculum.

Middle School Math Games

There are a variety of games available that will help to reinforce key math concepts and skills for your tweens.

From board games to online games, you’ll have no trouble finding one that focuses on the specific concepts or skill sets that your kids need to work on. Don’t have a lot of time, use these quick math games.

There are also many multi-player math games that homeschooling families can enjoy together.

Below is a list of 50 math games that are perfect for middle schoolers.

Because so many of the math subjects overlap within the games, I’ve split the list up according to game type. That way if you’re looking for a specific style of game, like an online computer game or a board game, you can easily find it.

Top Math Apps for Middle School

Have your tween use their phone or tablet for more than just entertainment. There are a bunch of great math game apps for both platforms that older kids will actually enjoy playing.

5 Dice: Order of Operations Game

This is a fun way for teens to work on their order of operations. I love that it has a whiteboard included for kids to work through the problem visually.

Fraction Challenge

Encourage teens to master fractions by playing various games focusing on solving fraction equations.

King of Math

Kids begin the game as a simple farmer, but they can quickly work their way up in society as they solve a wide variety of mathematical problems.

Math Games

Within this app, there are a bunch of different games that will help your tween build up their math skills. They can work on multi-digit problems, square roots, squares, cubes, and more.


Middle Schoolers will love working on their algebra skills with this Tetris-style game.

Prodigy Math Game

When using this app, kids will find themselves in a magical fantasy world, where there are a bunch of different games that will help them learn and grow their math knowledge.

Phone screen highlighting math apps for teens

Math Board Games

Math board games are a quick and easy way to add some fun to your math lessons. There are plenty of quality games available that cover the different math topics tweens need to learn and understand.

Clumsy Thief

Players use quick mental math skills with up to three-digit numbers to build stacks of cards equaling $100 before anyone else. You have to be quick though because other players are trying to steal your stack.


Players build equations in this crossword-style board game.

Fraction War

Students can continue working on their fraction skills with this card game.

Math Dice

These large math dice are a simple and fun way for tweens to work on mental math.

Clumsy ThiefClumsy ThiefClumsy ThiefEquate: The Equation Thinking GameEquate: The Equation Thinking GameEquate: The Equation Thinking GameFraction WarFraction WarFraction War18 Pieces Teaching Dice Set18 Pieces Teaching Dice Set18 Pieces Teaching Dice Set


Math Rush

Kids work together to solve equations and beat high scores in this cooperative card game.

Number Rings

Players roll dice and use different math functions to try to ring all of their numbers before their opponents.


A cooperative superhero math card game that will help kids build mental math skills.

Prime Climb

This board game will give your kids a chance to work on factors as they try to climb faster than anyone else.

Math RushMath RushMath RushOutnumbered: Improbable HeroesOutnumbered: Improbable HeroesOutnumbered: Improbable HeroesPrime ClimbPrime ClimbPrime Climb


Proof Math Game

The goal is to be the first one to find an equation within a set of cards. Tweens will have fun working on their mental math skills with this exciting, fast-paced game.

Rush Hour

This classic logic game has multiple levels of play, challenging tweens to figure out how to get the red car out of the traffic jam. It’s a great game that kids can work on independently.


In this crossword-style game, players will try to use their tiles to build the highest-scoring math problems.


This math game is played with number tiles and includes a bunch of crossword-style game play variations. Teens can play by themselves, with teams, or against another person.

Proof! Math GameProof! Math GameProof! Math GameRush Hour Traffic JamRush Hour Traffic JamRush Hour Traffic JamSMATHSMATHSMATHSumokuSumokuSumoku


Dice and Card Games to Practice Math Facts

You don’t always need fancy tools or equipment for effective math review.

There are a ton of middle school math games you can play with dice, cards, and paper that will help kids work on concepts and build mental math skills.


See if your kids can arrange 25 cards from a deck so that the rows and columns equal a certain number.

Algebra Taboo

If your tweens are a fan of Taboo, they’ll like this. It’s played just like the board game (get partners to guess the word without using key terms), except the cards you create are math-related.

Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe

A simple twist on an old game. Students solve algebraic problems to mark off a box.

Bingo – Fraction, Decimal, Percent 

Just like the old favorite, but kids have to know their fraction, decimal, and percent equivalents in order to claim a square.

Bottle Cap Matching

Students try to match up fractions, decimals, and percents in this simple game.

Can You Make It?

You’ll choose a random 2+ digit number and 6 single-digit numbers. The object is to have students build an equation that equals the large number, by using all of the single numbers.

a messy pile of playing cards

Equation Top-it: Two-Step

Similar to the card game war, only to win the rounds, players must solve math equations when playing this game.

Equivalent Fraction Memory Game

This memory game is an interactive way for students to determine which fractions are equivalent.

Exponent Game

Use a deck of playing cards to work on the concept of exponents.

Four-in-a-Row Mental Math Game

This is a Bingo type of game, except the problems are solved in the kid’s head. It’s a great way to work on mental math.

a pile of colorful dice

Mathematics Pictionary

This Pictionary game is played just like the standard version, except the cards you’ll play with are all related to math.

Percent Scramble! – Finding the Percent of a Number

A card game that focuses on percentages.

Playing Uno – Combine Like Terms

Make your own Uno cards so they include mathematical terms instead of individual numbers.

Square Root Car Racing Board Game

Kids race around the track solving square root problems.

Tarsia Puzzle Maker

Use this software to make your own printable tarsia puzzle using math symbols and equations. Kids will put it together by combining like terms.

Fun math games with dice for middle schoolers to play.

Image of computer math game for kids to master fractions.

Online Math Games for Middle School

Tweens love technology, so use this interest to get them excited about math. There are a bunch of great online math games for middle school that will keep them engaged while they learn.

Age of the Angles

This is an angles and protractor game where kids will build their angle measurement and protractor skills.

Alien Powers

Like a classic video game, students need to figure out the exponent before the alien spaceships land.

Cool Math Games

No matter what topic your teen needs additional time reviewing, this site has a game for it. They also have a bunch of cool logic and strategy games as well.

Death to Decimals

Students need to get rid of the parachuting “decimals” by choosing the correct fraction equivalents.

Math Jeopardy Games

Tweens will love playing these Jeopardy games. They cover just about every topic middle schoolers study in math.

Math Playground

These math games will help students build up their skills in decimals, percents, pre-algebra, and geometry.

Middle School Math Games

This website contains a bunch of games for your students to play online, covering a wide variety of middle school math subjects. Included are popular quiz games like Jeopardy and Millionaire.

Rags to Riches

Students need to solve algebra equations to move up the ladder in this Millionaire quiz-style game.

Blue colored multi-sided math die, red and green ones blurred in the background

Math Graph Paper Games

Area Dice Game

With this fun game, students work on area, spatial reasoning, and reviewing all kinds of math facts.

Metric Conversion Game

This is a tic-tac-toe game that requires students to convert numbers to or from meters.

Play Physical Games to Work on Math

Amazing Math Race

Kids team up and race against each other to be the first to complete a set of mathematical challenges.


This is a great idea for math review time. You can use any problems for kids to solve in order to shoot the ball.

Human Coordinate Graphing

Get kids moving while solidifying the concept of coordinate graphing with this game.

Probability Carnival

I love the idea of creating a bunch of probability games and turning them into a carnival!

As you can see, there are a ton of great games you can play in your homeschool or classroom to beat the boredom that often comes with math review. It’s time to set aside the worksheets and flashcards and add a game or two to your math lesson plans.

Your tweens will thank you.

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More Math Resources

What is your favorite middle school math game?

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