Fun Math Games with Dice for Middle Schoolers to Play

Playing fun math games with dice is a great way to engage students and break up the monotony of standard math lessons. Middle schoolers love math games!

Not only do games increase student comprehension and understanding of mathematical concepts, they can also be a lot of fun.

Different dice games can be used to help middle school students practice basic operations, tackle more complicated subjects, and improve mental math skills.

Hand throwing set of white dice onto a wooden table.

Everybody knows dice as the traditional form of entertainment found in board games, but dice can also be a great addition to middle school math lessons.

Why play math games?

Games are my favorite math activities and always had a place in our homeschool lessons.

They’re an excellent way for middle schoolers to practice math skills in a low-stress environment. They help reinforce math concepts and teach students how to problem-solve and improve critical thinking skills.

Instead of just solving math problems in a textbook, math games give students the chance to explore math concepts and find creative solutions. Tweens are more engaged when they’re working with a subject in a hands-on manner.

When kids play simple math games, they see the subject through a different lens. Games can make math come alive for kids!

What are the benefits of using dice-based math games?

Dice-based math games can be an excellent addition to any middle schooler’s lesson. Fun math activities like these give students a chance to practice the fundamentals while quickly improving their number sense and mental calculation skills.

Rolling dice allows students to make creative and abstract connections between numbers, which can help them get better at problem-solving. Dice games move swiftly, so tweens will have to think quickly to come up with the correct solutions.

They are also great tools for introducing new topics like probability and statistics in a stress-free manner.

Plus, they’re cheap! Many games can be played with a standard pair of dice.

What Math Concepts Can You Practice with Dice?

With a handful of dice, tweens can work on all kinds of math topics while having fun at the same time!

Use dice as a fun way to work on concepts like:

  • addition facts
  • subtraction
  • multiplication facts
  • division
  • fractions
  • decimals
  • probability
  • statistics
  • measurement

Obviously, your middle schoolers know their basic math facts. But they can always benefit from expanding their mental math skills. And dice are easy tools to use. You can even combine dice with other elements, like cards and cubes, to help middle schoolers practice math problems.

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Types of Dice-Based Math Games

From quiz competitions to pattern recognition activities and probability practice, dice-based math games come in many forms.

Games can be cooperative where everyone works together or competitive where players work as individuals. There are also dice games tweens can play all by themselves.

Use them as a creative way to solve mathematical equations, figure out area and perimeter, place value, or work on graphing with data points.

Preparing to Play Math Dice Games

Before your older children start playing, you’ll need to take care of a few items.

  • Gather your supplies.
    • the appropriate number and type of dice
    • piece of paper and pencils
    • printed directions
    • a timer
  • Setting Rules/Expectations
    • It’s important that everyone knows the rules of the game and how to play.
  • Does the game work as is, or do you need to make adaptations for your tween’s needs and goals?

Once you have everything, it’s time to have some fun!

If you’re looking for a way to make math lessons more engaging for middle schoolers, fun math activities, like dice math games, are definitely worth trying. They make learning fun!

Set of 4 math operation symbol dice on a white surface.

More Math Games

You can play all kinds games when you’re teaching middle school math.

Fun Math Games With Dice

Here are 15 math dice games for middle school that your tweens will enjoy playing as a part of their math lessons.

I think they'll become everyone's favorite dice games and may even make it into the rotation for family game night.

Are you ready to add some fun math games with dice to your lesson plans?

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