Order of Operations Math Task Cards

This set of free printable order of operations math task cards provides students in multiple grade levels with a fun and engaging way to practice the fundamental skills needed for middle school math.

Older kids can use these task cards to review, practice, and reinforce their knowledge of the order of operations.

Each card contains an equation that middle schoolers will need to solve using the correct sequence of operations. 

The numerical expressions are presented in a variety of formats, including horizontal, vertical, and written out using parentheses and brackets.

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These math task cards are perfect for a home school, co-op or traditional classroom. You can use them with individual students, as part of a group activity, or as the basis of a math game

What are Order of Operations in Math?

Order of operations in math is a rule that we use to determine the order in which calculations should be done. It is important to remember this rule because it helps students know that they’re working with the correct sequence to get the right answer. 

For example, when solving a problem like 5 + 3 × 4 − 2 =, if you do not follow the order of operations, you will end up with an incorrect answer. The correct way to solve this equation is to first calculate the multiplication (3 × 4 = 12), then add five (5 + 12 = 17), and finally subtract two (17 – 2 = 15). 

The most common way to remember the order of operations is with the acronym PEMDAS, which stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication/Division, Addition/Subtraction.

This means that any time you come across an equation with multiple operations, you must follow the correct formula.

  • Start with whatever is inside parentheses first.
  • Move on to any exponents.
  • Then, do the multiplication or division (whichever is before the other in the equation).
  • Finally, work through the addition or subtraction (again, whichever appears first). 

The process repeats until all operations have been solved. 

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How Do You Teach Order of Operations?

Teaching students the order of operations can be a challenging task, but it is an important concept that children in multiple grade levels must learn and master in order to excel in math. 

One way to break down the concept into manageable pieces is by using these printable task cards. The cards provide students with equations that require them to use the correct sequence of operations.

This helps reinforce the concept while also giving your students plenty of practice. They’re a fun way to build order of operations skills. 

Another way to teach this concept is by having kids work through problems verbally. Have them explain what each step is, why it’s necessary, and how to solve the equation correctly. This will help make sure they understand the reasons behind the order of operations, rather than just memorizing a list of steps. 

Use these fun ways to teach order of operations.

Finally, you can use math games and activities that require students to practice their order of operations knowledge.

Keep reading to download a set of the free printable task cards for your homeschool.

Order of Operations Math Task Cards

I want to help make this concept easier for you to teach and review with your tweens.

That’s why I’m sharing this free set of 20 math task cards that contain maths problems that students need to solve using the order of operations.

The equations cover basic, simple expressions (single-step problems), as well as more complex multi-step problems.

These cards are great for middle schoolers who need additional practice with the order of operations.

By following the order of operations in math, students can ensure that they’re getting accurate answers every time. These task cards are a great way for students to practice using this important rule. 

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How to Use the Printable Math Task Cards

First, you’ll need to download the pdf. Then, print the pages and cut out the individual cards. If you’d like to make them more durable, use cardstock and consider laminating them. 

Then, you’re ready to go!

Here are some ideas for how to use task cards as part of your math lesson plans.

  • Have your middle schoolers work individually on the task cards. Give them the cards and let them solve the problems on their own. You can give them the answer key for them to self-check their answers and do an independent review.
  • If you have multiple students, make this a cooperative learning activity. Pair kids up and give them sets of task cards to work through together. 
  • Play a game by having teams take turns picking one card at a time and giving them points when they solve the order of operations tasks correctly. When they finish with the last task card, add up the score. The team with the most correct answers wins! If you are working with one child at home, you can still make it a competition and see how many points she can get.
  • Use them as an assessment tool or quiz to see how well your tween understands the material. They also make an great resource for test prep.

No matter how you use them, this task card set is a great way for your kids to brush up on their math skills.

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More Math Resources

Looking for more ideas to help your tweens practice various math concepts? Here are a few fun activities that will help.

Grab your copy of the printable order of operations math task cards to help your students understand and practice this important rule. With plenty of practice and this tool, your kids will be able to solve equations with confidence. 

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