Spring Creative Writing Game


Downloadable creative writing game to help middle schoolers write a unique springtime story.


Do your tweens get stuck trying to come up with ideas for their writing assignment? This spring creative writing game is a fun way to help your older kids work on the main elements of storytelling; character, setting, and plot.

Kids will use a 6-sided die and the chart for their story details. The first roll determines the character, the second, the plot, and the third will be the story’s setting.

printable pages for a creative writing game for tweens and teens.

This printable language arts activity contains:

  1. Instructions to outline how to use the various pages that are a part of this pdf.
  2. Spring Creative Writing Game – The game page that includes all of the story elements kids will use.
  3. Writing Organizer – On this sheet, kids will list the information about their story and add elements to fill out the story.
  4. Write The Story – Kids will take what they wrote on the organizer and put it together into a story, writing it on these pages.

You can easily use it:

  • As part of a creative writing or language arts lesson.
  • During the day as a fun brain break.
  • Instead of the writing assignment listed in your curriculum, use this game to have kids write a unique springtime story instead.
  • As a part of a Spring activity with friends and family.

This fun writing game is a great way to get kids excited about writing a springtime story because the key elements (character, plot, and setting) are decided for them, so they’re starting the assignment with key ideas already in place. They just have to flush out the storyline.

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