Acid and Base Experiment Worksheets


If you’re studying chemistry in your home school, you’ll want to download this acids and bases worksheet for middle school students to help you complete a fun and easy lab experiment.


Are you looking for some fun and interactive printable worksheets on acids, bases, and the pH scale for your homeschooler? Well look no further, because we’ve got just the thing. During your study of the pH scale, these acid and base experiment worksheets will be incredibly helpful to you and your tweens!

This middle school chemistry experiment is a simple, hands-on method for tweens to grasp the difference between acids and bases as well as how to use the pH scale. It’s a fun science project that you can do at home with readily available items, making it perfect for homeschoolers. During the lab kids will make a cabbage indicator and use that to test a wide variety of household substances to see where they fall on the pH scale.

To complete the experiment, you’ll need some stuff from around the house and this download. It includes questions to ask before and after conducting the experiment, as well as a worksheet for recording your findings.

Three pages of worksheets for an acids and bases experiment.

Inside you’ll find:

  1. Experiment Instructions: Follow the steps to complete the acid & bases experiment.

  2. Questions to Ask Before the Experiment: Questions for kids to answer before the lab begins.

  3. Acids and Bases Worksheet: This is the worksheet for students to record their findings throughout the experiment.

    • Here’s a description of each question –

      • Household substance – List each product you test
      • Before using the indicator, what I think the pH # is – Before adding the indicator to the substance, write down what you think its pH number is.
      • Color After Mixing with the Indicator – Write down the color of the household product after you mixed it with the cabbage indicator.
      • After using the indicator, what I think the pH # is – After you add the indicator to the substance, write down what you think its pH number is.
      • Actual pH # – Write down the actual pH number.
      • Acid, Base, or Neutral – List whether the substance is an acid, base, or neutral.
  4. Questions to Ask After the Experiment: Questions for kids to answer after they finish the lab.

  5. Scientific Method: A scientific method page that will give your tween experience writing a lab report.

You can easily do this lab and use these pages:

  • in your homeschool
  • in a traditional classroom
  • in a homeschool co-op
  • as a fun activity to keep kids busy

This acid, base, and pH scale experiment is a perfect way for kids to learn about these concepts and with our worksheet, they’ll have no trouble recording their findings.

It’s an excellent way for kids to build their science notebooks and will help them keep their notes organized in one place. Print off the sheets you need and add them to a 3-ring binder or your child’s notebook. It works well with older elementary and middle school kids.

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