Flags of the World Matching Game Printable


Use this Flags of the World Matching Game printable as part of your geography lesson plans. It gives kids practice identifying and memorizing 120 world flags.


This Flags of the World Matching Game printable will get kids excited about geography. This simple game gives kids practice identifying and memorizing world flags.

Everyone will have a blast trying to match each flag with its corresponding country.

With 40 pages containing 120 total memory cards, this printable game will give students lots of practice with world flags. The game also comes with an answer key, so you can easily check the matches.

Once you download the pdf, just print out the pages, cut out the cards, and you’re ready to play. Tweens can build their flag identification skills in a fun, low-stress environment. It’s a simple activity that encourages global citizenship.

This World Flags Memory Game is a great addition to any geography lesson plan or family game night. 

Getting started is incredibly easy since it is an instant download. This makes it an excellent last-minute activity. 

Faded world flags in the background. Pictures of sheets from a printable flags of the world matching game.

Where to use this game:

  • as part of a homeschool geography lesson
  • in a traditional classroom
  • a whole class activity in a geography co-op
  • for extra skills practice 

Inside you’ll find:

  • Instructions and ideas for ways to make the game more challenging for tweens
  • 40 pages containing 120 memory cards (flags and country names) in a pdf (8 1/2″ x 11″)
  • 40 pages with the backs of the cards
  • Answer key

How to play:

  1. To begin the game, shuffle the cards and put them with their faces down in a grid format on either a table or the floor.
  2. To start the game, the first player should flip over two cards and try to find a matching pair.
  3. If the player matches the country’s flag and name, they will keep the cards and have another turn. If they do not match, the player needs to flip the cards back over and the next person takes a turn. 
  4. The game will continue until you find all the matching pairs.
  5. The winner of the game is the person with the highest number of pairs at the end. 

Have fun learning the flags of the world!

*If you need some help teaching tweens about this geography topic, check out this post all about identifying world flags.

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