Weather Station Data Log


If you’re studying weather with your kids, use this Weather Station Data Log to gather and track data for a set time frame, that you can analyze and use to learn more about your local weather.



I love using fun geography activities for middle school!

Studying weather in your home school? Instead of looking up the weather on an app, learn about weather by creating a homemade weather station (here are a few DIY weather station tools).

You can use this Weather Station Data Log to gather and track your data, like date, temperature, sky conditions, etc. It’s the perfect project for middle school kids.

For 2 weeks, at the same time each day, ask your older kids to record the weather from your backyard on the printable. At the end of the data collection period, work with your children to take a close look at the data to see what can be learned from the experiment.

Megan Zechman
I love homeschooling! Learning is a way of life for our family. Most days you will find us exploring our Central Florida community, having fun while learning. I am constantly looking for new and interactive ways to engage my older children.
Megan Zechman
Megan Zechman


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