Duct Tape Weapons Help Bring Medieval History to Life

If you’re looking for something new to add to your Middle Ages study, have your tweens make their own duct tape weapons. That’s right. Weapons made primarily out of duct tape. Medieval activities like these are an awesome way for your kids to really immerse themselves into this time period.

Like you, we use quite a bit of duct tape in our house – usually to repair something. Duct tape is a favorite tool of middle school kids, so these projects are right up their alley. Use your children’s love of duct tape in your history lessons and encourage them to create something that will bring their lessons to life in a new way.

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Over the years, my kids have made swords using wrapping paper rolls, pool noodles and folded-up newspaper when we studied knights and battles of the Middle Ages. They were some of our favorite Medieval activities. However, most kids are happy to make weapons out of whatever tools they have available.

However, my teens now have a new favorite resource for homemade weaponry – Warfare by Duct Tape. These books have transformed our history studies and are a regular part of our Medieval history lessons.

Since the beginning of civilization, warfare has shaped the destiny of man. The art of battling has now reached a whole new level. Introducing… Warfare by Duct Tape.

Duct Tape Weapons

Warfare by Duct Tape is a collection of books that teach you how to create your own historically-based weapons (including swords, spears, axes, daggers, etc.) and armor (helmets, shields, leg armor, etc.) using duct tape.

What I love is that these aren’t just DIY books that tell you how to build random, flimsy weapons. Instead, by following these books, kids will make historically accurate weapons, armor, and costumes, that are sturdy enough to hold up in battle. All of the gear listed in the books was used in battles years ago, aside from the duct tape of course.

The books also include useful information about the weapons and armor, making them valuable tools for your Medieval history studies. These hands-on building projects give kids an opportunity to cut, form and tape their own weapons, helping them better understand the size and style of weapons they have seen in books and movies.

Aside from the building instructions, the books also include battle descriptions which you can use to discuss topics like chivalry, battle strategy and the historical time periods in which these weapons would have been used.

As much as we have enjoyed using these books, as a homeschool parent I have to say that what I have appreciated the most about these materials is the fact that they have been created by Mark and Steven, brothers and teenage homeschool entrepreneurs.  The information and attention to detail included in each book is very impressive.

Warfare by Duct Tape

The collection of Warfare by Duct Tape books will take you from the battles of the Barbarians, to the Greeks and Romans, and through the Middle Ages. Because their books span so many time periods, it’s easy to add some fun duct tape projects to your history lesson plans.

Some of our favorite books include:

Inside each book you will find:

  • Easy to follow step-by step building instructions
  • Supply lists
  • Patterns
  • Pictures
  • Rules for the game of duct tape warfare including chivalry, ransom, and battle strategies

Learning How To Make a Duct Tape Sword

My kids decided to start with the Knight Book because they wanted to learn how to make a duct tape sword.

With one trip to Lowe’s we were able to easily find the supplies we needed – PVC pipe, pipe insulation and several fun rolls of duct tape. The only other materials needed were items we already had at home – scissors, a ruler, a saw and some cardboard.

Re-enact History with Duct Tape- Warfare with Duct Tape Review

Their first creation was the “One Hand Sword.” We invited several friends over to build with us. It was fun to see how everyone decided to personalize their weapons with different duct tape designs.

We even ended up with a sword covered with mustache duct tape – destined to scare opponents for sure.

The directions in the Knight book were detailed and easy to follow. There were pictures included every step of the way that helped my middle schoolers stay on track.

Several notes were also included to explain why each step was important — for example, suggestions were made for a specific way to wrap the duct tape as to strengthen the weapon so it wouldn’t tear during battle.

It was an easy project. All the kids really had to do was cut the insulation to specific sizes, put it over the PVC pipe and then wrap it all in the duct tape. It took less than 30 minutes to make their own personalized sword.

These weapons were such a hit that in no time my boys were making another trip to Lowe’s for additional supplies.

Our collection of duct tape weapons now includes 5 swords, a Halberd and a 5 foot long Zwihander.

My warriors have also enjoyed using the game directions included in the books to put their new weapons to the test by engaging in several battles.

Duct Tape History

When your family is studying history, I would highly recommend you add Warfare by Duct Tape to your lessons. These duct tape creations are an excellent way to engage your kids and get them excited about history. Plus, it takes some of the pressure off of you because so much historical information is already included for you. Win – win!

You can even grab a FREE copy of the Throwing Axe Booklet by Warfare by Duct Tape.

Re-enact History with Duct Tape- Warfare with Duct Tape Review

Which one of the duct tape weapons are you going to add to your history lessons first?


  1. How fun!! We would choose the beginners one since we have never done anything like this before- but my son would love it!! Thansk!

  2. We would choose the Knight Book. My 14 year old is enamored with the whole concept of Knights in Shining Armor.

  3. wow my son loves knights and been learn how to make things with duck tape … this would be a great unit for him

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