Take Time to Make Memories with Your Family

The time that we have with our children is short and fleeting. Are you taking time to make memories together or is your time just being eroded by the pressures of daily life?

Convention tells us that if we don’t set a direction for our life, we will wander around aimlessly. Most of us have set goals at some point over the years. Some we follow through on and some we don’t.

take time to make memories with your family EducationPossible

Recently I was listening to a podcast and it challenged the listener to describe their goals in one word. I was intrigued because that one word had to work for all the areas of your life – mental, spiritual, physical, and relational.

As I pondered this idea, one word kept coming to my mind ~ memories.

Childhood Memories

Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of money to take exciting vacations, but we did create memories that still make me smile.

One year we traveled to Boston and re-enacted the Boston Tea Party. We all boarded a replica of a period sailing ship and tossed crates of tea over the side.  We pulled them back up by their rope and did it again. It was interesting to think that I was doing exactly what the the settlers had done.

Today, my wife and I are big advocates of trying to create living memories with our children in hopes of bringing their learning to life.

Making Time to Make Memories

take time to make memories with your family

Every couple of years we budget our time and money to go to the Outer Banks with our friends. This beautiful barrier island is a wonderful place to relax and simply enjoy each other. Days are filled with laughter as we swim in the ocean, play in the sand, or simply hang out at the house together. The nightly group walk on the beach is always one of our highlights.

One year I surprised my family by renting a Jeep so we could spend several hours driving on the beach, exploring the northern part of the island.  The girls still talk about the wild horses we saw and the picnic we had on the beach.

take time to make memories with your family EducationPossible

Another example of how we make time for memories was the day I spontaneously decided to take a day off so we could travel to the Space Coast to view the Space Shuttle Discovery as it was flown on the back of a 747 to its final resting place at the Air & Space Museum. We had seen launches on television and from our house, but we had never seen a Space Shuttle up close. It was massive!

While it took only a few minutes for the fly-over, the whole adventure remains etched in our memories.

If your children had to share their life story with someone else, what memories would be the basis for their story? Now is the time to shape their story with living memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you making time to create memories with your children?


take time to make memories with your family EducationPossibleBy Craig Zechman – I love that my children have a passion for learning.  I am a life-long learner and I want my children to see this awesome world as one big educational campus. As a homeschooling father, I value my wife’s full-time commitment to educating our children and I find it a privilege to walk beside her and offer my assistance.  When not creating memories with my family, I enjoy being part of the magic that is Disney.


  1. Great post! You know in our family we are all about creating those memories and encouraging others to do the same!
    Enjoyed seeing your husband’s view point:)

  2. Great post. I was spending some time with my Grandfather as he was about to pass away, and he told me the most important thing he did was take his kids to see plays, authors, and landmarks. These short trips created strong bonds with his kids and increased knowledge at the same time. I love to take my kids on learning trips and outings too. Two weeks ago, we jumped in the car and headed to the cape to see a rocket launch. You never know, maybe one of my kids may grow up to be a rocket engineer!

    1. What a great gift your Grandfather gave you Brian! I’m so happy to hear that you are continuing the tradition with your kids. You will be amazed at what they’ll remember when they grow up. They’ll definitely remember all the time you spent with them. We love spontaneous trips!!

    2. That reminds me of riding down the Natchez Trace with my grandparents. Papa would stop at all those historical markers (we called them Hysterical Markers) and we would roll our eyes. Now as a grown woman those hysterical marker memories are precious.

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