Teaching Kids Life Skills: Etiquette When Visiting Others’ Homes

Etiquette is one of the main life skills for teens that I’m always working on with my kids. One specific area is etiquette when visiting others’ homes.

With summer fast approaching, we are looking forward to planning trips to visit with family and friends. Some of our visits will include overnight stays, while others may only involve spending an afternoon together or sharing a meal.

Regardless of the length of our visit, I remind my children how important it is to “use their manners” while they are a guest in someone’s home.

Thanks to the fun and simple lessons from The Etiquette Factory it is easy for us to review basic, but very important, etiquette when visiting other’s homes.

Teaching Kids Life Skills: Etiquette When Visiting Others' Homes - Education Possible This post contains affiliate links.

Etiquette When Visiting Someone’s Home

Before your next visit to someone else’s home, take a few minutes to discuss the behaviors below. Go through the list one by one and ask your child if they understand why each behavior is important.

If you are visiting grandparents or other close relatives some of the behaviors might be acceptable, but it is still a good idea to have a conversation with your kids so everyone understands what is appropriate.


Wait for your host to offer you something to eat or drink. If you do eat something, be sure to only eat in designated areas. When finished eating, bring your plate into the kitchen.


Never enter rooms with closed doors. If the bathroom door is closed, knock before entering.


Don’t climb on, stand on, or put your feet on the furniture.

Hats & Shoes 

Ask if you should remove your shoes when entering the house. Always remove your hat. If you bring a bag or other items with you, ask where you should place your items so they are out of the way.

Keep it Clean

Always clean up after yourself. This includes putting toys or books back when you are finished using them. If you are spending the night always make your bed, hang up bath towels, and keep the room you are staying in tidy.

Offer to Help 

Always offer to help prepare meals, set-up for group activities you will be participating in, clean up, etc.

Magic Words 

Of course it is always important to use “magic words” like please, thank you, and you’re welcome!

More Etiquette Ideas for Tweens

The Etiquette Factory

By observing these considerations when visiting others’ homes there is a good chance you will be invited back for future visits. We hope your family has a safe and happy summer filled with special memories!


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