Teaching Tweens How to Tie a Tie

Is it time to teach your tweens and teens how to tie a tie?

As a parent of a teenager, I’ve become even more aware of the many practical “grown-up” life skills for teens that my children need to learn. 

Recently, my son and I were looking at Pinterest for some interesting homeschool activities, when we came across a diagram with step-by-step instructions for tying more than a dozen different necktie knots.

My son looked at the diagram and then asked me, “when am I going to learn how to tie a necktie?”

It seemed to both of us that now was as good a time as any to learn.

Redheaded teen boy tying a red tie with white stripes.

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Why Bother Teaching Kids How to Tie a Tie

With men wearing fewer suits and ties, should young men even bother learning how to tie a tie anymore? In my opinion, yes. While it may not be a skill he uses daily, it is one that will come in handy throughout his life.

For some, it’s still a mark of sophistication.

Think about it, when he wears a suit to go on a job interview, gets dressed up for a significant event like a wedding, or wants to look nice for a special date, he will feel extra-confident if he can successfully tie his necktie. Whether it’s a standard tie or a bowtie.

It’s also a lesson that is often shared (passed down) between an adult and child, and creates a special moment between them.

And it’s not just a skill for boys. If your girls are interested in wearing a tie themselves or learning how to tie one on someone else, take the time to show them too.

Teaching How to Tie a Tie for Kids

So what’s the best way to teach your kids how to tie a necktie? Well, the obvious choice is for someone to teach them directly. Whether that’s dad, mom, grandpop, an older sibling, family friend, etc.

But what if no one’s available or the people in your home never learned how to tie a tie?

Luckily, you can turn to a number of online resources to help, like diagrams and videos.

How to Tie a Necktie – the Windsor Knot

When my son decided he wanted to learn how to tie a tie, my husband was away for work, and I never really mastered the technique of how to tie a necktie, so we both needed some guidance.

We looked online and found a Windsor knot diagram.

He went to dad’s closet, found a necktie to use, then attempted to follow the steps below for how to tie a classic Windsor knot.

I have to admit that it was a little challenging.

First, he tried just looking at the diagram, then tried while also looking in the mirror. After about 3 or 4 attempts, he asked if we could find a video that might help.

We found a YouTube channel that offered videos about how to tie 100+ necktie knots.  He selected this classic Windsor knot video, which we watched several times and paused occasionally so he could practice as he followed along.

He got frustrated a few times when he didn’t follow the steps correctly, but he made some progress. He’s determined to keep practicing and will get some hands-on help when dad gets home.

My son thought learning how to tie a necktie was pretty interesting, so he asked me to share the resources he used so you can help your tweens learn this life skill too. 

red and blue striped necktie tied, sitting on white surface

While it’s easy to grab a tie from dad’s closet while your child is learning how to tie a tie, if your children are interested in wearing neckties, I would highly recommend getting some fun ones that fit their personalities and interests that they’ll want to show off.

Here are two for your Star Wars and Harry Potter fans.

Neckties and Accessories for Tweens & Teens

Additional Life Skills for Teens

Are you being intentional about teaching your teens the life skills they’ll need as adults? Here are some unique skills older kids can work on before leaving home.

I hope I’ve given you the encouragement to teach your older kids some unique life skills, like how to tie a tie.

Do your tweens and teens know how to tie a tie?


  1. It’s great that you are working on teaching your son life skills. That was always something I felt was lacking in my upbringing. I realised I couldn’t cook a meal when I went to study abroad, found myself living in a flat in Brussels, and having no idea how to actually make … anything. I learned very quickly, and I love cooking now, but I wish that my parents had spent more time encouraging me how to learn to take care of myself, especially with regards to finances. My husband and I are of course figuring these things out on our own, but a little background wouldn’t hurt, you know?

    My son is only 18 months old, but I’m already finding that I can really start teaching him life skills. We practice getting dressed. If I’m folding laundry, he usually grabs an article of his own clothing and tries to put it on. He also helps me hang laundry on our drying rack, take laundry out of the washing machine, cooking (mixing or adding ingredients, especially to doughs), and vacuuming. He loves the vacuum, so I let him have a go before finishing off the job. I hope he continues to show an interest in things like this as he gets older (even though I doubt it). I will however make sure that he knows how to take care of himself/a home/finances as he gets older.

  2. I admit that I don’t know how to tie a necktie either 🙂 I am so with you on teaching our kids useful life skills. Thanks for sharing with After School Link Up!

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