Why My Lesson Plans Regularly Include Pinterest

Pinterest is a go-to resource for me. For many subjects, my lesson plans regularly include Pinterest. Why?

With Pinterest, I don’t have to create everything myself. Content is added constantly, which means there are always fresh, new pins to check out. All I have to do is search for a subject I want to supplement and I immediately have a multitude of ideas to choose from.

Why My Lesson Plans Regularly Include Pinterest Education Possible

Interactive Learning

My kids love hands-on schooling. They are both kinesthetic learners; they learn by doing. And to them, it’s just more fun! However, it can be difficult coming up with activities for the variety of subjects we cover. Pinterest helps me teach my children more effectively.

Why My Lesson Plans Regularly Include Pinterest Education Possible

Other Reasons to use Pinterest for School

Ideas are easy to organize

I hate clutter. It stresses me out. Seriously.

This is one problem that Pinterest instantly solved for me and a reason I was rapidly drawn to it.

Trying to keep track of all of the wonderful things I found in magazines, pamphlets and on websites was exhausting. Even worse was the fact that I rarely went back to actually implement the “great ideas” I found.

Now, everything is neatly pinned on my subject specific boards. My boards are pretty, easy to peruse and have helped me complete many projects.

Why my lesson plans regularly include Pinterest education possible

It saves me money

Let’s face it, curriculum isn’t cheap. We use set curriculum for some subjects, but not all of them. And even in subjects where we use a more “traditional” approach, I regularly add projects and activities to boost learning. This can get very expensive.

Luckily, Pinterest is free. Sure, some pins are for items that are for sale, but the vast majority of pages that I pin are projects/lessons that are FREE!

As with anything, I try to use caution with Pinterest because:

  • It can be a HUGE time suck. It’s easy to lose track of time as you move along the spider web of pins, finding exciting lesson plans. I usually set a limit for myself (either time or number of pins) before I sit down.
  • Sometimes I start to feel inferior while looking at all of the beautiful pictures, creative lessons and inspiring messages created by others. I can feel like I’m not a good enough mom, teacher, wife, etc. When that happens, I remind myself of who I am and that Pinterest is just a tool for me to use. I shut it down and go spend time with my family.

Pinterest continues to take the online world by storm and has become a favorite among homeschoolers, myself included.

Have you caught the Pinterest bug? Do you use it as an educational tool?

Megan Zechman
I love homeschooling! Learning is a way of life for our family. Most days you will find us exploring our Central Florida community, having fun while learning. I am constantly looking for new and interactive ways to engage my older children.
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  1. I LOVE Pinterest. I’m a very visual person. I could have pages and pages of bookmarks, and never be able to find things again because I had no clue what the name is. Give me a PICTURE of the bookmark, and I’m leading the charge, “PIN ALL THE THINGS!!!” LOL

    1. I totally agree Meg! I never seem to go back to my bookmarks, but I use Pinterest almost daily. I love that everything is neat, easy to find and stays just where I put it.

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