World Geography Activities

More than textbooks, these world geography activities make it easy to teach middle school geography.

Exploring the world is exciting, and hands-on activities make it even more enjoyable. Through interactive tools and projects, kids get to learn about different countries, cultures, physical features – all while having fun.

When you use interactive methods such as board games, crafts, projects, online games, and videos to teach geographical concepts, students gain a much better understanding of the subject matter.

Plus, they are far more likely to remember what they have learned since the lessons were so interesting!

Boy standing in front of a wall map that has animals on the continents.

Looking for fun activities to get your kids interested in the world? Below we’re sharing some of the best ideas for making your homeschool geography lessons as hands-on as possible.

So get ready to explore the world and have a blast learning about geography!

World Geography Activities

By engaging students in fun but also educational activities, they will be more likely to retain the information they learn. Plus, they give middle schoolers the opportunity to practice essential skills like problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Hands-on exercises provide an enjoyable and educational experience for middle schoolers.

The ones listed below are a great way to get students engaged in these subject areas. They’ll also help them feel like they’re exploring the different regions of the world.

Use them to learn about topics like bodies of water, cardinal directions, human geography, famous landmarks, the earth’s surface, and so much more.

These social studies resources will help build your students’ knowledge without taking a ton of time to plan or implement. It’s easy to add them to your middle school geography curriculum.

Map showing Asia, with a country outline magnet lying on top.

Why Should We Study Geography?

The study of geography is more than just memorizing the names and capitals of locations on a world map. It’s about understanding the world we live in – its different cultures, customs, and natural wonders.

Also, it’s learning to think critically about the complex relationships between people and places. 

With a better understanding of the different countries, regions, and physical features that shape our planet, students can make more informed decisions about global issues and gain a greater appreciation for the earth, its people, and the different environments.

In addition, it’s through the study of geography, tweens learn what it means to be global citizens and how international connections affect different parts of the world. That’s why cultural geography activities need to be a part of middle school lessons.

In today’s world, it’s important to have a global perspective. That means geography should be a part of your homeschool lesson plans.

And besides these practical benefits, learning geography is fun!

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How Do You Make Geography Fun for Kids?

Making geography fun for kids begins with making the subject as interactive and hands-on as possible.

Give them interesting projects to complete.

Do whatever you can to get out of the textbook and work on some outdoor geography activities. Show them geography in the real world and how it relates to their lives.

When picking a geography activity, choose one that is tailored to your tween’s grade level and learning style.

All in all, things like these are easy ways to get kids engrossed in the subject.

  • drawing and labeling maps
  • playing geography-based games
  • building 3D models of different geographical features
  • cooking food items from different cultures
  • making a travel brochure

Additionally, field trips to local landmarks, a famous site, or a museum will give your kids a chance to see geography in action.

And if you can’t visit in person, there are tons of excellent virtual tours you can take to build up your child’s knowledge of geography.

They’ll love having a break from their regular lessons. Plus, they’ll learn a ton from seeing the different things they’ve been learning about for themselves.

With a little creativity, you can make world geography an enjoyable and educational experience. One that your middle schoolers will remember for years to come.

Geography Activities for Middle School

Here are hands-on activities you can use with your tweens and teens to study world geography. They're fun to do and easy to plan.

Choose some and use them as part of your lesson.

As students explore the world through fun and educational activities, they can gain an appreciation for different cultures, people, and environments.

And they get the chance to see geography come alive in exciting ways that will stay with them.

Do you use world geography activities with your kids?

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