Biography Report Form/Organizer [FREE Printable]

Biography Report Form/Organizer FREE Printable

A biography is the story of a person’s life.  We often choose to include personal biographies in our studies of significant historical events.  Over the years we have researched the lives of authors,  sports figures, famous historical figures, and more.

Sometimes our research is brief and we just review the key facts of a person’s life.  Other times we do a more in depth study to understand the time period and circumstances surrounding a person’s accomplishments and contributions to society.

Your family can use this Biography Report Form/Organizer to begin your research.

Biography Report Form_Organizer - EducationPossible

You might chose to have your child complete this form to create a brief biography, or use the information gathered on this form as a starting point for a longer writing assignment.

Biography Resources

Primary sources – you can gather information by talking to a person directly, or by reading letters or other materials the person wrote themselves.

Secondary sources – there are a number of books and online resources available to help you gather information about the person you are studying.

A few online sources we have used include:

There are also a number of books we like to use to gather information, including:

“Who Was” Series

“Childhood of Famous Americans” Series

“Time for Kids Biographies” Series

Which famous person would your family like to learn more about? 

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