Life Skills for Teens

Homeschooling encompasses more than just academics. As parents, we have to be intentional about teaching life skills to our children. Before our teens head out on their own, we need to make sure they have the skills they need to be successful adults.

Here are a bunch of the life skills we’ve been working on, like how to tie a necktie, learning & thinking skills, etiquette, money management, cooking, and more.

Get your Middle School Kids Cooking @Education Possible

Cooking Skills

 Etiquette is an Important Life Skill to Focus on for Teens We've been teaching our kids manners since they were little, but we're not done yet. Learning etiquette is a life-long endeavor. There are many topics and situations teens need to learn about and figure out how to navigate. Discover what etiquette skills your middle school and high school students should be working on. Remember, manners never go out of style.

Etiquette Skills


Teach your kids how to set goals Education Possible

Goal Setting


 Tools for Homeschooling Middle School: Teaching Life Skills

Life Skills for Teens

Teaching Kids Life Skills: How to Tie a Necktie


teaching kids how to make a schedule Education Possible

Study Skills

An Easy Sewing Project for Teens who Love Minecraft Does your middle schooler love Minecraft? Have you been looking for a way to build your young teen’s sewing skills? Now you can combine the two with these adorable stuffed Minecraft characters. DIY tutorial - fun sewing idea for kids.

Teen Sewing Projects

In an article in The Chicago Tribune by Judy Hevrdejs she shares how important it is for us to teach our kids the valuable life skills they’ll need before they head off to college.

“I’m not the only parent to be remiss in remembering all the things you need to teach kids before they head to college. That’s why the perfect time to start coaching them in a few life lessons is while they’re still living under your roof — long before they’re ensconced in the dorm and you’re waving goodbye.”


Find even more tools for teaching life skills for teens on our Pinterest Board.

Life Skills for Teens