5 Mysteries that will Captivate Middle School Sleuths

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? It’s so easy to get sucked in to a story when you’re desperately trying to figure out what will happen next. Mystery books are exciting because the author takes you on a journey, full of twists and turns, that you never see coming.

This month, as part of our Reading Adventure, I’m introducing my girls to 5 age-appropriate mysteries that will keep them guessing until the end.

I know they’ll have trouble putting them down!


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Mystery Books Tweens & Teens will Love

Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Emily is a twelve-year-old who has just moved to San Francisco. She’s not thrilled about the move, but she is happy to be in the city where her favorite author lives.

See, he has created a game where books are hidden all over the country and readers must solve puzzles to find them. He was about to launch a new game when he was attacked and is now in a coma. In no time, Emily finds herself immersed in a race to solve the clues related to this new game.



The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd

What would you do if you watched a loved one get on the London Eye, but never come off? That’s what Ted and Kat are facing.

Their cousin, Salim, got into a car on the London Eye, but when it returned, he was no where to be found. The police have no clues, so in spite of their differences, they take it upon themselves to run all over London trying to find out what happened to Salim.


Madhattan Mystery by John J. Bonk

While visiting New York City, Lexi unexpectedly hears people talking about a plot to steal Cleopatra’s jewels from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lexi, along with her brother Kevin and their new friend Kim Ling, toss aside their plans and instead chase leads all over the city trying to track down the thieves and hopefully collect a handsome reward.


The Wig in the Window by Kristen Kittscher

Friends Sophie and Grace spend a lot of time spying on their neighbors. It’s during one of their stakeouts that they come upon a bloody scene and it happens to be at the home of Dr. Agford, their school counselor. In truth, she was just pickling beets. Now they’re convinced she’s hiding something important and when she starts acting strange they’re determined to find out her secret.


Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

What a unique book! Inside readers will find two independent stories, set fifty years apart. Also, the author also chooses a very different way to tell these complex stories. Ben’s is told in words, but Rose’s story is told through 460 pages of original pictures.

Ben’s greatest wish is to know his father who is absent from his life. Rose finds herself following the life of an unknown actress she frequently dreams about. In the end, their stories come together in a way readers won’t see coming.



Mysteries are so much fun to read, no matter your age!

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