Fantasy Books for Middle Schoolers

Make sure you add some of these epic fantasy books for middle schoolers to your tween’s reading list this year. 

They’re full of fantastical creatures and mysterious lands. It’s an amazing genre and just some of the best books for middle school.

My oldest daughter reads as many fantasy stories as she can. She loves how they transport her to another time and place, and that they’re full of challenging and dangerous quests.

Collage of middle grade fantasy book covers. Middle school book list.

If your kids haven’t read many middle-grade fantasy books, see if one of these 25 amazing titles grabs their attention.

Fantasy Books for Middle Schoolers

Fantasy books can open up a world of epic adventures and imagination for middle school students.

These stories offer hours of excitement and entertainment, from magical realms to dragon battles and quests. This genre offers something special that others do not. 

For young readers who are looking for exciting new worlds to explore, there is no shortage of great fantasy novels out there. That one reason they’re perfect for a middle school book club.

From classic stories like The Lord of the Rings to modern tales such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, these types of books are sure to capture your teen’s imagination.

If you’ve been trying to get your tween to read more, the best way is to introduce them to books that they’ll find challenging and interesting.

Luckily, there are many great middle grade fantasy titles out there, written with the interests and issues of tweens and teens in mind.

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What is Fantasy Genre for Kids?

The fantasy genre is full of magical creatures, mysterious lands, and fast-paced adventure. These stories provide a chance for readers to use their imaginations and explore different worlds. 

Many of these books feature a hero or heroine who is on a quest to save their world, and along the way, overcome evil forces or magical creatures.

These stories help teens explore tough questions about courage, friendship, love, and faith. 

Collage of middle grade fantasy book covers. Middle school book list.

What Age is Middle Grade Fantasy?

The middle grade fantasy genre is aimed at readers aged 8-12. These types of books are often longer than picture books, but shorter and simpler than young adult novels. 

Fantasy stories geared toward middle schoolers usually feature a main character who is between the ages of 10-14.

More Middle School Reading Lists

Looking for more reading recommendations for your tweens and teens? Check out these other middle-grade reader titles.

Do you use audiobooks in your homeschool? They’re great. Kids can listen on their devices or you can play books in the car as you travel together.

Teens also love reading on Kindle eReaders.

Collage of middle grade fantasy book covers. Middle school book list.

Fantasy books are a great way to encourage your middle schooler to use their imagination and explore different worlds. These stories provide young readers with exciting adventures.

So if you want to introduce your tween to some amazing new reading material, why not start off by checking out one of these 25 epic fantasy books for middle schoolers?

Best Fantasy Books for Middle School

Fantasy books can open up a world of adventure and imagination for middle schoolers.

This list contains 25 fantastic fantasy book recommendations specifically tailored towards middle schoolers.

The titles cover both popular book series, and some lesser-known titles that may be perfect for your tweens and teens.

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  1. Thanks for these! Looks like a great list. Do you know if there is anything really scary in the books? My daughter is 11 and is starting to enjoy fantasy books…I would like to give her the list to choose from, but I’m a little leery of middle school level books because I never know if the content is going to be age appropriate.

    1. Hi Leanne. I think that the only book that your daughter might find scary is The Copernicus Legacy: The Forbidden Stone because there is just more action, fighting, etc. in that book. Otherwise she should be okay. They all contain some conflict and some have death, but that is pretty common in this genre. I know what you mean. My girls have been huge readers since they were little and I’ve always struggled keeping them in books.

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