Newbery Award Winning Books for Middle School

If you haven’t added any Newbery award winning books for middle school to your tween’s reading list, now is the time. They’re some of the best books for middle schoolers.

Whether or not your middle schooler likes to read, choosing books that won this prestigious award is an easy way to find some quality literature.

Start with some of the most recent winners and see how your tween likes them.

12 Newbery award-winning book covers in a collage.

John Newbery medal winners encompass a wide variety of genres, so chances are that your student will find a title amongst these that they’ll enjoy.

Newbery Award Winning Books for Middle School

To make it easy, look at the books listed below to start with.

These award-winning stories are full of action, adventure, and personal choices, making them excellent choices for tweens and teens to read. 

When my daughter was younger, she read as many of the winners as she could, including many of these.

What is the Newbery Award?

The Newbery Award is one of the most prestigious children’s book awards around. First established in 1922, this American Library Association award is presented to a children’s book author each year, recognizing excellence in writing and content. 

It is named after John Newbery, the 18th century London bookseller and publisher who believed in producing books for young people that were both entertaining and educational.

There are two distinct categories – the Newbery Medal and the Newbery Honor.

The Newbery Medal is awarded to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children. Newbery Honors are given for other books that also show excellence in writing.

The winners are stories that are appropriate for children up to and including age fourteen, so it’s a great resource for finding quality reads for middle schoolers.

Why should middle schoolers read Newbery award-winning books?

Reading award-winning books is a great way for middle schoolers to dive into some of the best stories and literary works available.

Not only are these books entertaining, they also teach valuable lessons about life that can help young people grow as both readers and individuals.

With interesting characters, unique themes, and complex plots, these types of books often lead to engaging conversations and thought-provoking discussions.

By giving middle schoolers access to top-notch literature, they will explore new worlds while still learning important life skills like problem solving and critical thinking.

In addition, reading Newbery Medal books helps boost imagination and encourages creative expression, Two key components in helping young people develop into mature adults.

They also help build vocabulary skills, which are important for preparing middle schoolers for high school.

Just know that some older titles may contain some outdated language and beliefs. You may want to do some research before reading if that’s of concern for you.

A collage of book covers - all Newbery Medal award winners.

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Where Can You Find Newbery Medal Titles?

Start your search by visiting your local library or bookstore. Ask your librarian or bookseller if they have any titles that have won literary awards.

Tweens can also look for books with gold stickers noting their status as Newbery Medal winners on their covers.

It is also possible to search for Newbery Medal winners online. The ALSC provides a list of all the books that have won the award since 1922, so you can check out what previous generations of readers enjoyed!

Newbery Award Winning Books

Books that have won the Newbery Award should be on every middle schooler's reading list. Here are stories that tweens and teens will appreciate and enjoy.

Hopefully, this list has inspired you and your family to read some of these prize-winning stories. I hope your tweens and teens will find new favorites amongst these honor books.

More Books for Middle Schoolers

Along with some Newbery Medal winners, add some of these to your tween’s reading list.

If your kids struggle with reading, consider switching over to audiobooks. They’re a lifesaver for some families, including those who love read aloud time.

If you’re constantly on the go, try downloading books onto a Kindle.

Does your tween read Newberry Award-winning books?

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