Adventure Books for Middle Schoolers

These adventure books for middle schoolers are perfect for kids who love thrilling stories. Not only are they full of interesting characters and plot lines, but they also offer important life lessons that can help young readers navigate the ups and downs of growing up. 

It’s one of our favorite genres, as the stories can spark imagination, foster critical thinking skills, and even inspire readers to step out of their comfort zone. 

From heartwarming tales of friendship to edge-of-your-seat suspense, these middle grade books are filled with adventure. There’s an exciting story on this list for everyone. 

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These are some of the best books for middle schoolers looking for adventure. They definitely deserve a spot on your teen’s reading list. They may just become their favorite books!

Adventure Books for Middle Schoolers

One way to get your teen reading more is to surround them with good books. Fill your bookshelves, read them as a part of a middle school book club, and add them to your language arts lesson plans.

When kids read adventure stories, they’re engrossed in action and intrigue, riding never-ending twists and turns, constantly sidestepping disaster, while enjoying every minute.

It’s no wonder that many middle schoolers willingly choose to read stories of adventure. 

Luckily, there are many great middle grade books out there, written with the interests and issues of tweens and teens in mind.

What are Adventure Novels?

An adventure book is a story in which the main character embarks on a journey, filled with challenges and suspense. Good adventure books are often fast-paced and filled with exciting plot twists.

While they can be enjoyed by readers of all ages, they are especially popular among young readers.

The adventure novels on this list all have main characters who are young people, who must use their wit and courage to overcome the obstacles in their path. This makes them relatable and exciting for tweens and teens.

Whether they are facing danger in a far-off land or solving a mystery closer to home, these tales offer young readers the chance to escape into a thrilling story.

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Reading Accessories

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How Can Reading Adventure Stories Help Teens?

Adventure stories can help tweens and teens think more deeply about their world while learning some important life lessons.

This book genre helps kids understand that often, they can solve hard problems with courage and perseverance. 

The characters in these books also teach young people the importance of loyalty, empathy and personal responsibility. 

Reading about a character’s challenging situation will also help your young teen build critical thinking skills. As they follow their favorite character’s wild journey, they’ll be thinking of creative ways to solve the problem. 

Plus, these stories are just plain fun and can foster a love of reading!

So if you’re looking for an exciting read for your middle schooler, look no further than this list of 25 awesome adventure novels.

Hopefully, through this list of middle-grade books, you’ll find some new titles to introduce to your kids.

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Reading and Technology

Do you love the idea of expanding your tweens’ reading list, but getting them to read is a hassle? Consider switching over to audiobooks. Kids can listen on their devices or you can play the books in the car as you run your errands.

If you haven’t ventured into eBooks with your young teen yet, try it, especially for your enthusiastic readers.

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