Historical Fiction Books for Middle School

Get your tweens excited about history by adding these historical fiction books for middle school to their reading list. 

Historical fiction uses stories to introduce readers to the past, making it easy to imagine what it was like living years ago. Older kids will learn about famous historical figures and the challenges they faced in earlier times by reading these books.

These stories will make the subject come alive for tweens in a way that your standard history textbook won’t. 

That’s why you should fill your lesson plans with these middle-grade readers.

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We regularly read historical fiction in our homeschool. Both as a part of our lesson plans and together as read-aloud stories.

It’s one of my oldest daughter’s favorite genres. She fell in love with it at an early age and still has a passion for history. 

So check out this list of historical fiction books and grab some for your tweens to read.

Historical Fiction Books for Middle School

Historical fiction offers a unique blend of entertainment and education, where factual historical events are seamlessly woven into compelling narratives. 

By presenting the past through the lens of relatable characters, these books offer valuable lessons about resilience, courage, and empathy. 

The genre of historical fiction will help middle schoolers connect with the people and events from the past. They should be a part of your history curriculum. 

To get you started, below you’ll find some of our favorite historical fiction stories for middle school students.

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Why Should Tweens Read Historical Fiction?

Historical fiction books are an excellent way for tweens to learn about different periods and events in history. There are many educational benefits of this popular genre.

First, reading historical fiction books teaches middle schoolers about the past in a fun and interactive way. It can help them better understand what life was like for young people during different eras, and how events shape our present day. 

Second, these books allow tweens to explore different perspectives. This will help them learn about people and cultures that differ from their own.

And third, they put a human face to past events, making it more interesting and relevant for older kids.  

With many amazing middle-grade books out there, it’s incredibly easy to teach older kids about the past in a method that will interest them.

Add books like these to your lesson plans to help round out a particular time in history.

Collage of middle grade books - historical fiction book covers

Tips for Choosing Historical Fiction Books

When choosing historical fiction books for middle schoolers, there are several key factors to consider. 

  • Ensure the book’s content is age appropriate, taking into consideration both the complexity of the language and the subject matter. 
  • Make sure the book is historically accurate. You want it to be a correct representation of the era it portrays.
  • Consider the book’s story. Even the most accurate historical book won’t engage a middle schooler if it’s not told in an engaging manner. A gripping narrative, relatable characters, and an interesting plot are all elements that can help bring the olden days alive for young readers. 

Historical fiction books are powerful, yet approachable stories, making them great educational tools.

They’re a great way to help middle schoolers learn about the past in a fun and meaningful manner. Reading these books can ignite their curiosity about previous eras and help foster empathy.

Additional Books for Middle School

Looking for even more books your middle schooler will enjoy? I’ve got you covered with even more reading lists.

If you don’t use audiobooks in your homeschool, you should give them a try. Tweens can listen on their phones or you can play them in the car as you‘re running around.

Teens also love reading stories on a Kindle.

6 historical fiction book covers for middle grade readers

So, give some of these great historical fiction titles a try, and use them to start conversations with your tweens about topics like bravery, courage, and resilience. 

Hopefully, you’re encouraged to add some stories from this book list to your tween’s reading list. 

Historical Fiction for Middle School

Discover the fascinating world of history with the best historical fiction books that are just perfect for middle schoolers! 

These captivating middle grade books combine days of old and storytelling. They'll whisk your young readers away to the past with engaging plots and relatable characters. 

It's an easy process for filling up your tween's reading list!

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