25 Amazing Animal Books for Kids

If you have an animal lover in your home, put these animal books for kids on their reading list.

My daughter has always loved to read, especially when the books revolved around animals. Her bookshelf was always full of stories that featured all kinds of creatures.

From the stories about a courageous rat to a dashing horse, she was always finding new ways to explore the animal kingdom through literature. 

Whether your tween or teen is looking for a classic animal tale or something a bit more modern, there are plenty of books out there that feature animals as its main characters.

This list contains a bunch of great animal stories that will make perfect additions to your young reader’s library. 

Collage of middle grade animal book covers. Titles for middle schoolers that feature animals.

The books below include works of fiction as well as true stories.

They’re all interesting and are sure to engage older kids. They also have one thing in common – some pretty amazing creatures.

Animal Books for Kids

These books feature animals that are brave, noble, funny, loyal – all traits that your kids will relate to.  From tales of a dog’s adventures in the wild to a whale’s search for home, these books will spark your child’s imagination and encourage them to explore their own place in nature. 

Whether your kids love to read or it’s a challenge, these books are sure to peak their interest. Especially for those who have a passion for animals, animal rights, and the natural world.

So if you have an animal lover at home, add one of these animal books for kids to their reading list today! They won’t be disappointed.

How to Make Reading Interesting

Reading doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating for tweens and teens. To get your children excited about reading, share with them books that relate to their interests. Do they like adventure stories or informative biography books?

There are many great middle grade books out there, written with middle schoolers in mind, that will engage, challenge, and speak to them.

Help your tweens create a cozy reading nook in their bedroom or somewhere else in the house. When they have an inviting place to go, they’ll be more likely to curl up with a book.

 Make sure you have plenty of books around for them to choose from.

Finally, let your tween know that reading is a lifelong adventure. Share stories about the books you’re reading and talk about favorite authors and genres. It’s important to show your older kids that you value reading yourself. 

Tween boy lying on the bed leaning over the end, reading a book. One dog on the bed tucked in his arm and one on the floor looking up at him.

How to Choose the Right Middle Grade Book

When picking out a book for your tween or teen, consider their interests as well as their reading level. Make sure the language and vocabulary used is within your child’s comfort zone.

Look for books that have an engaging plot and characters that will keep them interested. When looking for an animal-themed story, think about the types of animals your kids like and try to find stories that feature those creatures.

It’s also important to find classic stories that foster empathy and respect towards animals. That way, children will learn to appreciate and understand the role of animals in the world. 

Animal books can be great tools to discuss topics like kindness, courage, perseverance, loyalty, friendship – all things we want our kids to learn.

Give your older kids a chance to make some  of their own book choices. That way, they’ll be more excited about reading. 

This list will make it easy to choose books about animals to use in your language arts lessons or as casual reading titles. They’re all fun stories and are perfect for kids in middle school – 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.

While this isn’t a list of every middle grade book about animals, it’s a great way to get started.

Collage of middle grade animal book covers. Titles for middle schoolers that feature animals.

When animal books are part of the mix, it’s sure to make reading an exciting experience for your older kids. Especially if they have a cute animal of their own on their lap while reading!

With this list of great titles, they’re sure to find one that will capture their imagination and help them explore the stories of many different creatures. 

Additional Books for Middle School

Here are more middle grade books that you can add to your tween’s reading list.

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If your children have difficulty reading or need to listen on the go, you may want to try using audiobooks. They can be very helpful for some families, particularly those who enjoy reading aloud together.

Also consider letting your tweens read on a Kindle. It’s a nice way to make reading more interactive.

Books make amazing gifts. Share your favorite story with a friend and make one of these awesome bookmarks for kids to put into the book as part of the gift.

Check out this list of books that highlight the stories of some amazing animals.

Best Books About Animals

With these animal books for kids, young readers can explore the animal kingdom through imaginative tales or true stories.

So, if you have an animal lover in your family, add some of these fantastic titles to their collection.


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