DIY Bookmarks Kids Can Make for Their Friends

Have fun making some DIY bookmarks with your kids.

Not only are they a fun craft, they also make excellent gifts, especially if you pair it with a favorite book. Homemade bookmarks are the perfect way to make your literary gifts even more special, no matter the occasion.

Our kids have created a number of different DIY bookmarks using supplies we have around the house including cardboard, paper clips, ribbon, stickers, and of course duct tape!

Homemade bookmarks on a table

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DIY Bookmarks for Kids

If your family would like to make bookmarks for your own use (like we do in our book club), or to personalize a book to give as a gift, here are several fun quick and easy bookmarks for kids to create.

Paper Clip Bookmarks with Ribbon or Tape

Supplies: jumbo paperclips, craft ribbon, Washi tape, 1/2 inch Duct Tape, scissors

We like to use the vinyl-coated metal jumbo paper clips because they tend to glide onto the page a little easier. You can find these in a variety of colors.

Cut pieces of ribbon and tie them on to the top of the paper clip.

You can also use Washi or Duct Tape (1/2 inch works easiest). Cut a piece of tape about 4 inches long. Slide it through the top of the paper clip. Touch the ends of the tape together and then press the tape together, smoothing out any bubbles.

DIY Bookmarks Kids Can Make - Education Possible

Duct Tape Bookmarks

Supplies: cardboard (a cereal box works perfectly), Duct Tape (1.88 inch), hole punch, 1/4″ craft ribbon, flexible magnet tape (optional), stickers (optional)

Cut a rectangle piece of cardboard (we cut ours approximately 1 ¾ x 5 ½).

Unroll a piece of Duct Tape that is a little longer than twice the length of the piece of cardboard.

Place the cardboard on the tape, about ½ inch from the top (you should have just a little on either side of the cardboard). Be sure to press the tape onto the cardboard to remove air bubbles.

Then, fold the rest of the tape over the other side of the cardboard and press to remove air bubbles.  Press the edges of the tape together.

Trim away any excess tape from the sides and top. You can even add stickers if you like.

Punch a hole in the top of the bookmark and attach ribbon through the hole.

You can also easily make a magnet bookmark — cereal boxes work perfectly for this project too!

Duct Tape Bookmarks - Education Possible

Elastic Bookmarks

Supplies: thick elastic craft cord or grosgrain ribbon, craft charms, jump rings (optional)

These elastic bookmarks are super simple to make and can be easily personalized with the charms you select.

We found this great ribbon bookmark tutorial that can walk you through the process step-by-step. You can use ribbon or elastic cord like we did.

Elastic Bookmarks Kids Can Make - Education Possible

Marbled Paper Bookmarks

Supplies: shaving cream, acrylic paint, coordinating ribbon, and small beads.

My girls and I like to make a lot of DIY gifts for friends. One of our favorites is a very colorful marbled paper bookmark — how cool is that!

6 Gifts Girls Can Make to Give to Their Friends Education Possible

More DIY Projects for School

Here are a couple of additional crafts that your tweens will have fun creating. Plus, they can use them in school after they’re done.

Collage of 4 images of homemade bookmarks.

Middle School Book Lists

Kids can use their new bookmarks in their favorite books. Need new titles? Check out these middle grade stories.

Which bookmark is your tween going to make first?


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