DIY Gifts For Middle School Girls to Make For Their Friends

Ready for some super cute DIY gifts for girls that your tweens can make for their friends?

Is your middle schooler looking for a fun and unique way to show her friends how much they mean to her? Making homemade gifts is a great way to show your besties that you care about them.

These easy DIY gift ideas will give your daughter a chance to get creative, and her friends will definitely appreciate receiving such a thoughtful gift.

Check out these 6 DIY gifts for middle school girls so they can get started making special gifts for their friends!

Collage of 6 DIY gifts tween girls can make for their friends.

Keep reading for homemade gift ideas your tweens will have a blast creating.

DIY Gifts for Girls

For years, instead of buying presents for her friends, my oldest daughter has made handmade gifts to celebrate special occasions. Everyone has come to expect something special and handmade from her, no matter the time of year.

She has made each one of the projects found here, so I know they make perfect gifts for middle school girls. They are simple crafts that require few materials and little time to create, which is great for busy tweens. Your tween can even use them for a last minute gift idea.

Be warned though, your daughter may love them so much that she ends up making one for herself on top of the one she gives to the special person in her life. That’s what happened to my daughter. In fact, she still uses the duct tape clutch and has the picture frame hanging up in her room.

Neon colored clothespins glued to a black circle, hanging on a wall, holding pictures.

Easy Homemade Gifts for Friends

If you have a craft loving girl in your house, you know how much they enjoy making homemade presents.

My girls are always creating something new, whether it’s for each other, a family member, their friends, or just for themselves.

We used to do a lot of the projects together, but as my girls grew, they made more things on their own.

If your teen isn’t much of a crafter, she doesn’t have to give up on the perfect homemade gift. Instead, encourage her to start with an easy project.

Luckily, all the DIY gifts here are incredibly simple to make. Plus, tweens can follow each one’s full tutorial to make an awesome gift their friend would appreciate receiving.

Why Tweens Should Give Homemade Gifts

Here are a few reasons middle schoolers should go the DIY route when it comes to gifts for their friends.

  • Budget – It often costs less to make something than to buy it, and that’s definitely true for the crafts on this list.
  • Personalization – Instead of buying a mass-produced present, kids can make something that’s one-of-a-kind and reflects the person receiving the gift.
  • Have Fun – Tweens are often stressed and over-scheduled. When they commit to making one of these great DIY gifts, they give themselves permission to take a break and have some fun letting their creative ideas flow.

Going the homemade gift route with your friends is a great thing and will most likely become your favorite tradition.

Homemade green and white pattern duck tape clutch and three thread wrapped charm bracelets on a teen's arm.

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Here are a few of the items you’ll need for these easy gifts. While not all the supplies are listed here, these will go a long way in setting you up for success.

Hair Clip KitHair Clip KitHair Clip KitExpandable Bangle BraceletsExpandable Bangle BraceletsExpandable Bangle BraceletsAssorted CharmsAssorted CharmsAssorted CharmsColor Embroidery FlossColor Embroidery FlossColor Embroidery FlossPrinted Duct TapePrinted Duct TapePrinted Duct TapeSeed Beads 6/0 'Seed Beads 6/0 ‘Seed Beads 6/0 '


Hopefully, the crafts will inspire your tweens to create the perfect DIY gifts.

Crafts to Make for Friends

If you have a tween who loves to make things for their friends for special occasions, she'll love this list of 6 DIY gifts. Each one is easy to make and is something their friend will appreciate receiving.

More Homemade Gift Ideas

Here are other DIY best friend gifts for middle schoolers.

What DIY gifts will your tweens make for their friends?

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