Middle School Biography Books That Will Inspire Tweens

Tweens can learn a lot by reading middle school biography books. When you think about the best books for middle grade students, this genre should definitely be on every homeschooler’s reading list.

Biographies give kids the chance to learn about the lives of extraordinary people. Their stories are interesting and informative and without a doubt will inspire and challenge your tweens and teens. 

That is to say, this book style lets readers see life from another person’s perspective. It helps them appreciate different cultures, beliefs, and values.

Reading middle grade biographies will certainly broaden your child’s horizons!

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If your kids are hesitant to read biographies, it’s important to realize that the people in these books have important stories to tell. Particularly, about their daily life, something amazing they’ve accomplished, or challenges they’ve overcome. 

What is a biography?

In short, a biography is a type of book that tells the true story of an individual’s life that’s written by someone else.

It’s slightly different from an autobiography or a memoir. An autobiography is a person’s story written by themselves and a memoir is a collection of stories (or memories) told in their own words.

One of the best things about the biography genre is that it gives readers a glimpse into the lives of prominent contemporary and historical people.

It typically focuses on someone’s achievements and experiences, and in addition, often includes personal things like family relationships, health issues, and character traits.

Why Should Middle Schoolers Read Biographies?

Biographies are an important part of any reading plan, but especially so for tweens. Middle school is the stage when kids are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit into the world. That is to say, they need role models.

This genre gives tweens the chance to study the achievements of well-known people, their various attributes, and the obstacles they overcame to reach their goals.

Biography books are motivating and can be a source of inspiration for middle schoolers who are in the process of finding themselves. As they read these impactful stories, they’ll discover each person has something special within them and that it’s possible to use those qualities to affect the world around them.

What are the Benefits of Reading Biographies?

There are many benefits to kids reading biography books, including:

  • opening up different worlds to kids by sharing the lives of influential men and women
  • conveying the context within which history happened
  • encouraging young readers to think critically about current events and inspiring them to become more engaged citizens
  • teaching tweens empathy
  • increasing vocabulary and comprehension skills

Choosing a Biography

One thing I love about biographies is that there are so many to choose from. On the other hand, this can also make it difficult to pick titles for your kids to read.

It might help to sit down with your tween and make a list of individuals they would like to learn more about. In this case, having a list of specific people they want to get to know better will help you narrow down your search.

Biography Report Form

To help direct their learning, encourage your tween to use this biography report template.

It’s a wonderful tool that will help them dive deeper into the life of an extraordinary person and learn how to organize research material.

Middle School Biography Books

A biography is the perfect type of book for inquisitive kids. The stories are motivating, engaging, and entertaining and may even help middle schoolers discover their own unique strengths.

Also, they’re some of the best nonfiction books for homeschoolers and should be essential reading in subject areas like language arts, science, and history.

Here are some of our favorite stories that are perfect for kids in 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade. Some of them even highlight young people. Those who are stepping up to make a difference, taking action right now to improve the lives of themselves and those around them.

All of these stories are important, inspirational, and fascinating and should be read by all middle grade students.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. There are thousands of stories to choose from, so there’s no way to include them all here.

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Biographies for Middle Schoolers

These middle school biography books are all stories of people who have done important things and made a difference. They're a great way to learn about what their lives were like and how they broke through barriers and persevered.

Encourage your tween to apply the lessons they learn in their own life.

As I have shown, there are a ton of different types of middle school biographies out there, however, it’s easy to choose an excellent one to read. If your tween is struggling with one, pick a different style. They vary widely and you want to find something that grabs and keeps your child’s attention.

Don’t forget to grab your biography book report form!

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More Books for Middle Schoolers

Looking for more book lists for your tweens and teens? Check these out.

If your kids struggle with reading, consider switching over to audiobooks. They’re a lifesaver for some families, including those who love read aloud time.

Kids can listen on their devices, like a Kindle Fire. Of course, you can also play books in the car as you travel.

Which one of these middle school biography books is your tween most excited to read?

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