Building an Interactive History Museum in Minecraft

SKrafty, a homeschool Minecraft server, offers a class called Minecraft History Museum. Over the course of 10 weeks (or lessons), kids create a history museum exhibit, based on the life of a historical figure.

It’s a wonderful way to bring history to life for older kids.

Does your middle schooler like to play Minecraft? Add the game to your lesson plan activities. My teen is taking an online class called Minecraft History Museum. Over the course of 10 weeks (or lessons), kids design and create a history museum exhibit, based on the life of a historical figure. It’s a wonderful way to bring history to life for older kids.

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How the Minecraft History Museum Class Works

First, students will choose someone from history that they want to study. Using their own books and online resources, kids research the life and times of their chosen person. Then it’s time to build!

Each week, they give students a new assignment. They must research a certain part of the historical figure’s life and then create it in Minecraft.

Abigail has always been interested in famous American women, so she made Susan B. Anthony the focus of her exhibit.

During the Minecraft History Museum class, she researched and built things related to Susan B. Anthony’s:

  • Early Years
    • Abigail built the house she was born in.
  • Schooling
    • She built the school room from her childhood home.
  • Family
    • The assignment was to build statues of the person’s family. Since Susan B. Anthony never married or had children, Abigail built her parents and siblings.
  • Adult Years
    • She created a replica of Susan B. Anthony’s adult home.
  • Important Contributions
    • Susan B. Anthony had many notable accomplishments, so Abigail built:
      • voting booths
      • a picket line, including signs
      • the meeting room where the International Council of Women met

Abigail loved researching one of her famous historical figures and enjoyed recreating parts of her life on Minecraft. She took her time and did an outstanding job creating an informative exhibit.

I took a tour myself and was blown away by the work she did. It was so well done! You could definitely tell that she had fun.

What I Enjoyed About Abigail’s Susan B. Anthony Minecraft Exhibit

During my visit, there were three things that really stood out and impressed me.

  1. When I entered Susan B. Anthony’s childhood home, I noticed that Abigail set it up just like a historical museum. As you went from room to room, there were barriers to keep you from going all the way in, just like in real life. She did this in all the buildings she created. This was a great touch, and it showed me she understood what the class was all about.
  2. Everything included in her exhibit contained signs that visitors could read to learn about how each particular building, room, and item related to Susan B. Anthony’s life.
  3. I left knowing some additional facts about Susan B. Anthony.

Why This Unique Class is Great for Middle School

  • Kids get to choose who they’ll research, which almost guarantees they’ll remain engaged and invested.
  • It allows students to interact with history. Chances are that you won’t be hearing, history is boring during this class.
  • When tweens complete their exhibits , everyone can “visit” them, just like in a real museum. Tweens & teens will learn all about the historical figures on display.

My kids have really been enjoying the Minecraft classes they’ve been taking. They are both still going through the American Girl History lessons and as you’ve just read, Abigail loved the Minecraft History Museum class.

Have you ever considered adding Minecraft to your lesson plans?

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