Spooky Halloween Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

These Halloween science experiments are perfect for tweens and can easily be done at home. They’re one of the many Halloween activities you can do with your older kids.

Middle schoolers will love getting into the Halloween spirit with these creepy science experiments. So break out the lab materials. It’s time to have some ghoulish fun!

Jack o' Lantern with dry ice smoke coming out of it.

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How to Make Science Fun

There are many ways to make science fun for middle school students, but the best one is to make sure your lesson plans include hands-on activities like experiments.

Science experiments give tweens the chance to see the scientific process in action and how the information they’ve been reading about in their textbook connects to the world around them. Labs often result in surprising and interesting results, which is a great way to pique your students’ curiosity.

Plus, it’s easy to tailor experiments to the interests of your kids or a specific season or theme, like Halloween, which often makes it easier for them to engage with the material.

Experiments are a great way to learn science.

Focusing on Halloween in Science

Kids go crazy for Halloween, so it just makes sense to incorporate the season into your lessons. The easiest subject to do this with is definitely science, because it is a time when people are naturally interested in things that are creepy, crawly, and spooky.

Plus, many scientific concepts tie in nicely with Halloween themes, such as the study of bats, spiders, oozing chemical reactions, anatomy, and decomposition.

This is a fun and festive time of year, so using Halloween-themed experiments is a great way to teach tweens about the scientific method and get them excited about science.

What are Halloween-themed science experiments?

One great way to get into the Halloween spirit is by doing some spooky science experiments. But what is a Halloween-themed science experiment? It’s one that includes spooky or eerie ideas and materials.

These can be anything from creepy crawly experiments with bugs to slimy concoctions that resemble witches’ brews. You can even do some fun experiments with candy – after all, what’s Halloween without treats?

Some other common Halloween labs include making slime, creating bubbling potions, and growing mold.

It’s the season to let your imagination run wild. Just remember that with tweens, the grosser the better.

Creepy Science Kits

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some science experiments into your busy homeschooling day, check out these science kits. They include almost everything you need to complete a variety of different labs and with the detailed instructions, most middle schoolers can do them independently.

This is a great way to turn your science lessons extra-creepy this holiday without a bunch of extra planning.

Disgusting n' Gross Educational Science KitDisgusting n’ Gross Educational Science KitDisgusting n' Gross Educational Science KitGross Gummy Candy LabGross Gummy Candy LabGross Gummy Candy LabGross Science LabGross Science LabGross Science LabDIY Halloween Witches' Potions KitDIY Halloween Witches’ Potions KitDIY Halloween Witches' Potions KitHalloween Slime KitHalloween Slime KitHalloween Slime KitGhost Science KitGhost Science KitGhost Science Kit


Spooky Science Labs

With these Halloween science labs, you’ll have no trouble harnessing your child’s love for the holiday into some cool experiments.

From exploding pumpkins to dissolving candy, you’ll find what you need to make science extra-spooky for your tweens this season.

As you can see, it’s incredibly easy to turn your science class into one that’s filled with slime, ghosts, and gory anatomy. Your tweens will love it!

More Halloween Fun

Want even more ideas of things you can do with your tweens this season?

Which Halloween science experiment are you going to work on with your tween?

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