A Back to Home School Goals Page for Tween & Teens

Ready or not…it is back to home school time!

If your home school is anything like ours your days are most likely filled with selecting curriculum, scheduling co-ops, and planning field trips.

As our kids are moving into the teen years we believe it is important to not only focus on school subjects as we plan for a new homeschool year, but to also use this time to develop skills they will need in order to be successful throughout their lives – these are things we call life skills.

One important skill we targeting is goal setting.

A tool we use to help our kids identify and track their goals is a Back to Home School Goals Page for Tween & Teens.

Back to Home School Goals for Teens - Education Possible

Back to Home School Goals for Older Kids

We use this Back to Home School Goal worksheet in our homeschool to help our students set a few broad goals for the new school year.

Here are a few tips for helping your teens set similar goals:

Remind your students to keep their goals posted in a place they can see and review them on a regular basis!  They can even set new goals if they accomplish these before the end of the school year.

Goals Planning Page for Teens

Download the Back to Home School Goals worksheet for Tweens & Teens to share with your student.

Give your middle schooler a place to record his/her goals for the new homeschool year with this printable. Goal setting is a great life skill to learn!

More Back to Homeschool Ideas

We have even more tips and activities to get your new year started on a positive note!

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