Back to Home School Goals Worksheet for Tweens & Teens

Ready or not…it is back to (home) school time! This back to school goals worksheet will help your older kids choose some fun things to focus on this school year.

As they work their way through the worksheet, they’ll write down a variety of things they’d like to pursue throughout the year. This printable will help you understand your tween’s goals and interests, which you can use to move beyond the core classes in your homeschool.

This goals planning page gives tweens a chance to think about what they’d like their school year to look like.

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Homeschool Goals

Tweens and teens are at an age where they should have some input into their schooling. But too often, when you ask them what they’d like to learn, you get a shoulder shrug or an “I don’t know.”

While it’s true that older kids love to give their opinions and most want to have a say in their homeschool, they don’t always know exactly what they want. That’s why I love using worksheets like this one because it gives them specific topics to focus on, so they’re not starting from scratch.

With this page, they’ll have the opportunity to think outside of their core classes and focus on the extras. You’ll gain some insight into their goals and interests and a simple way to start a deeper conversation about school.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to work on important life skills like planning and goal setting and this tool will make it easy for you.

Back to School Goals Worksheet

Middle school is when you should start incorporating your tweens’ hobbies and passions into their schooling.

For example, when my oldest was around 10, she gained an appreciation for coins and quickly knew that it was something she wanted to pursue as a career. So I made sure her lessons regularly included coins. She wrote papers about them, referenced them in history, we took field trips to see them, and built electives around them.

You can use this printable as a fun back to school activity or as a way to tailor your homeschool plan to your child’s interests.

This FREE worksheet includes six different topics that will help your tween narrow their focus and easily answer the question, “what do you want to do this year?.” They include:

  • books they want to read
  • life skills to learn
  • a new hobby to explore
  • field trips they’d like to take
  • electives they’re interested in
  • a way to help others

After you print the page, you can either sit down and fill it out together or give it your tweens and let them do it on their own.

What if your kids aren’t interested in a topic that’s listed? Skip it. Just use what works for your family. And if you’d rather come up with your own topics, there’s a blank page for you to write your own.

After your older kids fill out the page, take some time together and make a plan for how you’ll incorporate the things they’re interested in doing into your homeschool.

Helpful Tips

As you get started, give your kids a brief overview of how to set goals. This printable is an easy way to help your kids set a few broad goals for the new school year. It helps them think about what they’re interested in.

Here are a few tips for helping your tweens and teens fill out the different sections of the worksheet.

3 Books I Want to Read

Encourage your child to select interesting books to read during the year. Let them know whether the titles they choose should be for school or for pleasure. To make it even more exciting, invite a few friends to read the same books so the kids can have discussions about what they’re reading.

Life Skills to Learn

When your tweens are thinking about life skills to focus on, they should choose something they’re interested in learning or a skill that will help them grow.

A New Hobby to Explore

Is there something your tween has always wanted to try? Make this the year! Have them write down a couple of ideas and work together to choose something that works with your family’s schedule and budget.

Back to Home School Goals Worksheet for Tweens and Teens.

3 Field Trips I Want to Take

Field trips can be fun as well as educational, so let your tween think outside of the box to come up with a couple of places they’d like to visit this year.

3 Electives I’m Interested In

When kids hit middle school, it’s important that their schedule include core courses as well as some fun electives. This will make school more interesting for them and will help prepare them for high school. Talk to your tweens about their interests and see if you can turn them into electives.

A Way to Help Others

It’s essential that we teach tweens to think of others instead of just themselves. That’s why I’ve included a section on helping others on the worksheet. Talk to your kids and find a way they can give back this year. They can help your family, a neighbor, or your community.

Remind your students to keep their goals posted in a place they can see and review them on a regular basis! They can even set new ones if they accomplish these before the end of the school year.

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More Back to Homeschool Ideas

As you head back to school, here are some awesome ideas you can use to make it enjoyable for you and your middle schoolers.

Did you download your FREE back to school worksheet?

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