Unique School Supplies Tweens Will Love

Unique school supplies that your homeschooled tweens will love.

Shopping for school supplies isn’t just for public school families. While homeschoolers don’t usually need a whole list of items each year, it’s always fun to start a new school year with some new stuff. 

The best part is that since you’re homeschooling, the tools your kids use don’t only have to be practical, they can also be fun.

Surprising them with a few of these fun things will bring a huge smile to their face without breaking your budget.

Writing instruments in a blue pencil case, next to a pile of notebooks with a calculator on top.

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Unique School Supplies for Your Tweens

As homeschoolers, we don’t have a huge list of supplies that we have to buy for back to school. That means we can splurge a little and get our older kids some unique school supplies.

Here are a bunch that are so cool that your tweens will be excited to use.

Clips to Hold it All Together

Why use a plain paper clip or binder clip when you can use one that’s a cool shape? We’re all about the crazy clips in our house.

Do your kids need a way to keep their paper clips in one place? Check out this kitchen sink paper clip holder.

Erase it All

Seriously, what happens to all the erasers at the end of the pencils? We’re constantly searching for erasers in our house. That’s why erasers always end up on my school supply list.

I love these food erasers and super cute ninjas.

Journal in Style

Do you have someone who likes to journal in your house? Give them a notebook that will spark their imagination like one that looks and smells like popcorn.

Or maybe your writer would prefer an ice cream sandwich. Animal lovers will enjoy this hedgehog journal.

Unique School Supplies Homeschoolers Will Love

Sticky Notes/Memo Notes

Who doesn’t love sticky notes? Use these fun mental notes or Bob Ross sticky notes the next time you need to remember something.

If you prefer to use the more traditional square notes, you can still add some bling by using a pop up heart dispenser.

Taking Your Pencils on the Road

We participate in a local co-op, so we have to travel with pens, pencils, and colored pencils every week. This year my kids asked for a fun pencil case/holder.

Abigail loves this roll up pencil canvas holder because she can take a lot of her art supplies with her, but won’t have to carry a bulky case. Marianna is looking for something that will stand out like this banana shaped wristlet.

The Ultimate Tape Dispenser

Unicorn rainbow tape dispenser. Enough said.

Unique School Supplies Homeschoolers Will Love

This year, let your middle & high schoolers start off the year with some fabulous supplies that are completely unique.

If you’re looking for even more school supplies for your homeschooler, here are more of my back to school supply lists – 9 fun and affordable school supplies your teens will love and fun school supplies for tween and teens.

And as you start the school year, help your tweens set some goals with this back to school goals worksheet.

What awesome supplies are you getting your kids this year?

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