Fun School Supplies for Tweens & Teens

When I was growing up, I LOVED getting fun school supplies. Even though I was sad to see summer come to an end, who couldn’t resist getting a new Trapper Keeper, puffy stickers, and crazy shaped erasers?

I couldn’t wait to share the excitement of back to school shopping with my kids. But then we decided to homeschool.

Luckily, we don’t have to miss out on this yearly ritual. Now, instead of just buying paper and pencils each August, I buy my kids some fun supplies they can use in the coming year.

School supplies fanning out of a black and cream bag.

One bonus I found as a homeschooler is that I’m not bound by the standard back to school list. I don’t have to buy hand sanitizer and tissues for the classroom, or a bag of marbles that my kids may or may not use.

Instead, I can spend far less money and still surprise my kids with cool back to school supplies that they’ll love!!!

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Fun School Supplies

Here are a bunch of unique school supplies your older kids will want to use.

Holding Your Tape in Style

I can never find my tape dispenser because my kids always have it. Because they use a ton of tape. Seriously, a ton. So this year, I’m getting them their own tape dispensers. I know my middle schooler will go crazy for this dog tape dispenser, but if you have a Jurassic Park fan in your house, check out this T-Rex tape dispenser.

Journals and Notebooks

Both girls like to use different notebooks for their subjects, so we tend to go through a variety of them throughout the year. We use plenty of plain one subject notebooks, but I also like to get them some special ones too. As a huge Harry Potter fan, I know my high schooler will go crazy for this Harry Potter journal. My animal lover will definitely appreciate this sloth notebook.

Just for Fun

Because we’re homeschoolers, I like to include some items that fall into the “just for fun” category too. My high schooler loves Marvel, so I know she will appreciate these superhero stampers, while my 8th grader will want these woodland animal stampers.

Fun School Supplies for Tweens & Teens

Keeping it All Together

Now that my kids are older, they have more writing implements than ever. Gone are the days of keeping track of a single Ticonderoga pencil. They need a fun, yet practical pencil case to keep their pencils, sharpies, and gel pens together. How cool is this talking monstar case?

Paper Clips Don’t Have to Be Boring

Both of my teens have fallen in love with uncommon paper clips. This year I’m getting these heart shaped clips and cute animal shaped clips.

Unique Desk Tools

Both of my girls have their own desks, so I’m always looking for unique things they can use to make working at their desks easy and enjoyable. This mouse pad is perfect for my middle schooler. This cactus desk organizer is practical and playful. If your teen is a Star Wars fan, this Starfighter desk lamp is pretty amazing.

Fun School Supplies for Tweens & Teens

This year, think outside of the box as you purchase supplies for your teens. They’ll love starting the year off with something other than boring, standard tools.

Fun School Supplies for Tweens & Teens

If you need even more awesome school supply ideas, check out these other back to school supply lists.

And as you start a new school year, have your tweens fill out this back to home school goals worksheet.

What fun school supplies are you going to surprise your older kids with this year?

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