Fun & Affordable School Supplies your Teen will Love

Surprise your tweens with these affordable school supplies that are also super cool.

Over the years, I’ve realized that as homeschoolers, we don’t need to purchase a bunch of new school supplies each year, but it’s always fun to head back to school with some new tools.

So instead of spending money on the basic supplies traditional students have to purchase, I have the freedom to invest in some unique things I know my kids will love.

A collage of 9 unique school supplies for tweens

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Affordable School Supplies

These back to school tools are not only cost-effective, they’re super cool, so your tweens will love using them as they start a new school year.

Clips with Personality

Why stick with plain silver paper clips when you can have ones shaped like pigs, or feet?

Colorful Pens

Who doesn’t love gel pens? With their smooth-flowing ink and vibrant colors, your teen won’t mind doing their writing.

Plus, they’re useful in art projects, notebooking, journaling, and more.

Cool Pencils

In our house, we use Ticonderoga pencils for most of our schoolwork, but as the mom of a Black Belt, I couldn’t resist these ninja pencils. Super cute!

9 Fun & Affordable School Supplies your Teen will Love @Education Possible

Cute Erasers

Do your kids collect erasers? Mine do. They have for years. So I’m always on the lookout for something unique to add to their collection.

This year I’m considering 60s Neon and animals.

Fun Sticky Notes

Instead of using plain old Post-It notes, get your kids some fun sticky notes. They’ll get a kick out of writing on paper shaped like a hearts or thought clouds.

Helpful Highlighters

We use highlighters every week during our language arts lessons. I’m thinking of switching to retractable highlighters or going whimsical with a petal style.

9 Fun & Affordable School Supplies your Teen will Love @Education Possible

Staple in Style

Who says a stapler has to be boring? Instead, use this cute panda stapler. If you’re frequently needing to staple on posters or at odd angles, check out this quirky stapler. It’s even magnetic.

Sticker Envy

My kids are emoji obsessed. They even have emoji contests with friends on their iPods. So I knew they would want these emoji stickers.

They’ll probably put them all over the cool personalized notebooks they made!

Terrific Tabs

We use sticky index tabs frequently when reading our assigned book club books to mark passages we want to discuss. This year we’ll be using these cute cats and dogs.

9 Fun & Affordable School Supplies your Teen will Love @Education Possible

This year, step out of the school supply box. Instead of buying the standard supplies, see if you can mix it up and add in a little fun too.

If you’re looking for even more school supplies for your homeschooler, here are more of my back to school supply lists – unique school supplies homeschoolers will love and fun school supplies for tween and teens.

What cool, yet cost-effective supplies are you buying this year for your home school?

9 Fun & Affordable School Supplies your Teen will Love @Education Possible

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  1. The colored pens are a must! They make note taking much more enjoyable for my daughter. She also uses a Boogie Board for working math problems and doodling.

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