Quick and Easy Paper Christmas Ornaments

These paper Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to add some homemade decorations to your tree.

They are some of the Christmas crafts for teens you can create this year.

Tweens, teens, and adults can make any of these paper ornaments, whether they’re expert or novice crafters. Even the younger kids can make a lot of them with some help.

They’re cheap and take little time to create, so they’re the perfect DIY project for families.

So grab all the paper sitting in your craft supply closet, your scissors, and glue and get ready to make some new ornaments.

Collage of 3 images of paper ornament crafts. Rolled paper Christmas tree, 3D map star, paper rosettes

Paper Christmas Ornaments

While everyone loves a tree full of colorful decorations, buying new ornaments can be costly. Making your own will save you money, while also creating family memories. My teens and I love adding new DIY ornaments to the tree each year.

There are endless types of ornaments you can make out of paper. Even after you choose a design, you have the choice of paper and size. You’ll never get bored making paper decorations.

The ones on this list include kid-favorites, classic styles, and stunning artistic designs.

You can create:

  • angels
  • stars
  • trees
  • snowflakes
  • 3-D shapes
  • origami patterns

While paper ornaments may sound basic, these are anything but. In fact, many of these could become some of your most treasured holiday decorations.

Can You Make Christmas Ornaments Out of Paper?

Yes! While it may seem strange to make Christmas ornaments out of paper, it’s actually an excellent medium, especially for kids. They’re usually simple, so tweens won’t have to be expert crafters to make something beautiful.

Paper works well for these crafts because it is so accessible and versatile.

With paper ornaments, you can make everything from gentle snowflakes to colorful decorations that will brighten up your home.

Plus, paper is much more environmentally friendly than some other traditional components, so when it comes time to make homemade ornaments for the tree this year, paper should be your go-to material.

Benefits of Making Ornaments With Paper

Paper crafts are extremely cost effective. You don’t need a bunch of special supplies to make these ornaments. The key thing you need for each of these DIY ornaments is paper.

And if you are anything like me, you probably have a ton of craft paper lying around that you can turn into unique ornaments.

You can use scrapbook paper, crafting paper, newspaper, maps, pages from old books, and even gift wrap to create ornaments for your tree.

And even if you need to buy holiday-themed paper, it’s an inexpensive craft supply. That and some glue is all you’ll need for most of these ornaments.

Another benefit of making ornaments out of paper is that you can easily make one tonight. In 30 minutes or fewer, actually. If your kids want to make some last minute Christmas decorations, paper is the way to go.

And they’re not just for the tree. Hang them from windows, chandeliers, the ceiling, door frame, and anywhere else you’d like some festive decor. You can even string a bunch together to make your own homemade paper garland.

The ideas are endless.

Collage of 4 images of homemade paper ornaments. Snowflake, twisted paper ball, woven red and white heart, green diamond with white spots.

Ornament Craft Supplies

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of supplies you’ll need for each DIY paper Christmas ornament, these are the materials most will require. These Amazon affiliate links make it easy for you to find the right tools for the projects.

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As you can see, homemade Christmas ornaments don’t have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. These DIY paper ornaments are a fun and simple way to add some beautiful decorations to your tree and home this season.

Christmas Ornaments for Teens

Here are some additional ornaments your tweens and teens will appreciate.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Unique Christmas Ornaments

Ready to make some beautiful ornaments out of paper?

DIY Ornaments Made From Paper

Are you excited to make some of these easy paper ornaments?

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