If you’re looking for simple Christmas crafts for teens, you’re in the right place. Our family loves DIY projects, especially at Christmas time. Every year my older kids and I choose a few things to create. It’s so much fun making crafts together. They’re some of my favorite holiday memories.

We make decorations for our house, ornaments for our tree, and gifts for our friends.

Whether your teens are super-crafters or a crafting novices, the projects on this page will inspire them to make something homemade this season. All the projects are teen-approved, chosen and created by my girls, so I know that your kids will enjoy making them.

This holiday season, pick one of these fun, simple, and inexpensive craft ideas and celebrate the holidays together by making something beautiful and unique.

4 different DIY crafts for Christmas

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Christmas Crafts for Teens

If it’s been a while since you added any new Christmas decorations to your collection, now’s a great time to make something homemade and meaningful.

Decorate your home this season by making one of these simple Christmas crafts for teens.

These holiday luminaries may be simple to make, but they’re incredibly beautiful, especially at night.

Christmas crafts - green glitter tree painted on a green and yellow striped canvas, lit up luminaries, blue snowflake window cling

Christmas Ornament Crafts

Homemade ornaments are often some of the most treasured parts of the holiday. Every year when you put up your tree, these crafts bring back memories of previous holidays and the fun you had together.

Most families make ornaments regularly when the kids are young, but stop when they’re in middle school. But older kids enjoy making new ornaments to hang on the tree too. You just need to find DIY projects that reflect their interests and are challenging enough for them.

Here are a few that your tweens and teens will be excited to make for the Christmas tree.

If your teens are Harry Potter fans, they’ll love this DIY Harry Potter potion ornament. It’s easy to make and looks amazing on the tree.

Combine science and crafts to make a beautiful homemade science Christmas ornament. Kids can create any shape they’d like for their crystal ornament. My teens made icicles so they can hang them up in their windows for winter.

Do your teens dream of playing on a quidditch team with their favorite wizards? If so, they’ll definitely want to make their own mini quidditch broom ornament.

Paper Christmas ornament crafts are the perfect way to add some beautiful decorations to your tree without spending a lot of time or money.

This group of DIY ornaments includes a cute Mickey Mouse silhouette and Harry Potter golden snitch, both of which are perfect for middle schoolers to create.

Use chalk art to make this chalk pastel angel to hang on your tree. It’s a great project that you can do during your homeschool art lessons during the holiday season.

For your wizard-loving teens, here are a bunch of Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments they can make to hang this year.

DIY Christmas ornaments - gold beaded magic potion bottle, crystal icicle, Mickey and Minnie silhouettes

Christmas Art Projects

Just because it’s the holidays, that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Spend some time working on some fun electives, like art. Keep the theme going and make some Christmas inspired art with your older kids. They can make excellent decorations.

Work on some art projects for teens this Christmas using mixed media. Our favorite was definitely the canvas snowman. We hang ours up every year.

During the holiday season, continue working on creative projects in your homeschool by focusing on simple Christmas art with chalk pastels.

Tween girl holding a chalk art picture of winter scene with snow, pine trees, and a snowman

DIY Crafts for Friends that Make Excellent Gifts

While not necessarily Christmas-themed, I’m including these DIY crafts for those tweens who want to give their friends homemade Christmas gifts this year. They’re way more meaningful that store-bought and they’re super fun to make.

Here are a bunch that my daughters have made and given to their friends in the past.

Crafts to make for friends as Christmas presents that include an American Girl backpack, duct tape flower pen, and marbled paper bookmarks.

Tweens can make these cute crafts for friends, like an awesome picture holder, unique bangle bracelets, and a duct tape clutch.

Terrific DIY crafts for friends that make the perfect gifts for friends, including wall letter art, an earbud keeper, and hair clips.

Bookmarks for kids are a simple project and make excellent gifts when combined with a favorite book.

DIY gifts for friends. Green button covered letter A, neon colored clothespin picture frame, dangle bracelets

It’s no secret that kids love Christmas — they also love crafts making combining the two a win-win. Build their anticipation for the big day with our fun project ideas for crafters big or small. – H. Camille Smith at HGTV

Hopefully, this list has given your teens some inspiration and ideas for projects they can work on this Christmas. I hope you have as much fun as we do creating homemade items for holiday season.

3 different DIY crafts for Christmas

More Christmas Craft Ideas for Teens

  • Rock painting is a huge DIY trend, especially for kids. This holiday rock painting kit will make it easy for your older kids who feel like they’re not super crafty.
  • Painting wood ornaments is a simple way to create some homemade things for your tree. Tweens can make them as simple or complex as they’d like.
  • Make scrabble tile ornaments for your tree. Everyone can choose a word that’s special to them for the holiday.
  • If your teens loves squishies as much as mine do, they’ll definitely want to paint their own Christmas squishy toys.

Leave a comment, letting me know which of these easy Christmas craft projects you and your teen complete. I’d love to see your pictures!