Simple Christmas Art with Chalk Pastels

If you’re looking for simple Christmas crafts for teens, utilize your art lessons to find some fun things for your older kids to work on.

During the holidays, I like to take a break from our normal school schedule. However, my girls love art, so I find ways to keep those lessons going. Usually, we work on teen art projects that are holiday focused and take less time than our more traditional art lessons.

I was thrilled when Hodgepodge Mom published a Christmas version of her chalk art tutorials. This year chalk has become a favorite medium for my children.

These ten Christmas projects can be completed in less than an hour and cost approximately $30 or less for supplies. Perfect!

Simple Christmas Art with Chalk Pastels Education Possible

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Teen Art Projects with Chalk Pastels

There are many reasons why I love A Simple Start in Christmas Chalk Pastels. Here are just three of them.

It requires little time.

Time is always in short supply and even tighter around the holidays.

As I mentioned, most of Hodgepodge Mom’s tutorials are quick and easy, but don’t let those words fool you. The kids still learn plenty while they’re working on their artwork.

While creating our winter landscapes, we discussed perspective, shading and depth.

Simple Christmas Art with Chalk Pastels EducationPossible

And all this learning happens in less than an hour from start to finish!

This is so important for busy families. Many parents feel that they don’t have time for art, so they rarely incorporate it. But in my experience, chalk art is different.

It is easy to use.

Simple Christmas Art with Chalk Pastels EducationPossible

Each project includes pictures and step-by-step instructions on how to complete it.

We read over the instructions together before we begin so everyone understands the steps. I leave the computer set up as a reference and the girls work at their own pace.

It requires minimal investment.

Art can be expensive!! And during the holidays, budgets are even tighter.

It’s definitely not an ideal time for most families to begin learning a new art medium.

But like I said before, chalk is different!

Simple Christmas Art with Chalk Pastels Education Possible

When we got started I only had to purchase a set of chalk, tutorials and baby wipes. That’s it. You can easily introduce your children to chalk pastels for under $30.


We’ve completed many chalk pastel art ideas and we can’t wait to create more from the Christmas book.

How about you? Do you add any teen art projects to your holiday schedule?

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  1. Megan – what a joy to see these winter fun paintings! And I love how you share that, “While creating our winter landscapes, we discussed perspective, shading and depth…” That is exactly what Nana and I hope – that the simple act of practicing art will grow that love and in turn that all ages will want to learn more about techniques, art history and more! Thank you for such a wonderful review!

    1. Thank you Tricia! We decided on that tutorial to add some winter fun to our warm Central Florida life! I appreciate the fact that your tutorials give direction so I never feel lost, but leave me room to foster discussions with my girls as they’re creating. You’re welcome. It was my pleasure to share my love for this art medium and your books.

    1. Thank you Angela. I’m so happy that you found us. I’m always amazed at how simple chalk can look so beautiful on paper when you apply a couple of techniques. I just visited your site and linked up. Thank you for sharing. It looks great!

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