United States Atlas Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for a fun way to help your students learn interesting facts about the geography of the United States?

Start right here with our United States atlas scavenger hunt!

United States Atlas Scavenger Hunt - EducationPossible

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Many of you have enjoyed using our Atlas Scavenger Hunt to help kids discover more about world geography.

The scavenger hunt was a great tool to help us begin our North Star Geography lessons and become familiar with using a world atlas.

We had so much fun with our world atlas scavenger hunt we decided to create another hunt to use with our United States atlas (yes, we are somewhat atlas obsessed – now we have about 10 atlases!). Your middle and high school students will love learning 26 fun facts about the USA with this new hunt.

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United States Atlas Scavenger Hunt

With this activity, your students will learn information about places around the United States from A-Z and become familiar with the format of an atlas.


  • Several United States atlases – one of our favorites atlases for younger students is the National Geographic Kids United States Atlas and for older students you could use a detailed atlas such as the Rand McNally Road Atlas . Yes, your students could find the answers to our hunt online, but for this activity we are suggesting you use a printed atlas to help your children understand how to navigate through the table of contents, maps, index, etc.

Kids United States Atlas

  • The United States Atlas Scavenger Hunt 

Wonder Maps


  1. Students can work individually or in teams of 2-3 to complete the United Stated Atlas Scavenger Hunt (we have used this at home and in a Geography co-op setting).
  2. Each person/team completing the hunt will need an atlas and a printed copy of the Education Possible United States Atlas Scavenger Hunt.  They will:
    • Search through the atlas and use the clues to identify each location from A-Z.
    • Write the name of the location in the appropriate box.
    • Don’t pass out the answer key! That is provided only if needed.
  3. To take the learning a step further, consider this optional activity – After identifying each location from A-Z students place and label each location on a printed map.

Middle & High School U.S.Geography Resources

If you are looking for more resources to help your middle and high school students explore the geography of the United States, here are a few of our favorites:

United States Geography Resources - Education Possible

North Star Geography by Bright Ideas Press

This complete middle/high school curriculum thoroughly covers geography skills, physical geography, and human geography subjects by incorporating a student reader, hands-on projects, map work, research questions, quizzes, and more!

National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas 

Keep kids engaged on your next road trip with road maps, state symbols, wacky roadside attractions, boredom busters, and more!

National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A.  

This entertaining, informative, and fun book includes fun facts, amazing photos, conservation information and more!

Educational Trivia Card Game – Professor Noggin’s Card Games

Players collect illustrated cards by correctly answering knowledge-based questions. Each game includes 30 professionally illustrated game cards and a special tree numbered dice that creates interactive play. 

How the States Got Their Shapes

These interesting videos explore how our borders evolved–and continue to change–in response to religion, transportation, communication, politics, culture clashes and even Mother Nature.

Hands-on Geography Activities

We share many hands-on geography projects and activities right here at Education Possible including making a DIY weather station, creating a compass, playing Geography Terms BINGO, practicing map reading skills, and more!

What is your favorite way to study United States geography?

Geography bundle -- North Star Geography and WonderMaps


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