6 DIY Gifts Middle School Girls Can Make For Friends

Do you have a craft loving teen girl in your house? If so, then you know how much they enjoy making things to give to their friends.

It seems like my girls are always creating something new, whether it’s for each other, their friends, their dolls, or just for themselves.

6 DIY Gifts Middle School Girls Can Make For Friends @EducationPossibleThis post contains affiliate links.

The holidays are a wonderful time for middle schoolers to consider making something cute for their friends.

This year, I asked Abigail to choose 6 fun, yet simple projects she wanted to create. Each one requires few materials and little time.

We were both thrilled with how they came together. I’m sure the teen girls in your life will love them.

6 Gifts Teen Girls Can Make For Their Friends

1. Balloon Hair Barrettes

Need: barrettes, balloons

Decorated barrettes can be expensive, so Abigail is always on the lookout for cute ones she can make herself. She came across a tutorial for balloon hair clips and decided to give them a try.

She made one for herself, one for Marianna, and a smaller one for her American Girl doll.

To make the doll version, we purchased smaller craft barrettes and tied water balloons to them, just like the large-sized project. We couldn’t figure out how to tie them into bundles, so Abigail tried tying them directly to the barrette and she was happy with the result.

6 DIY Gifts Middle School Girls Can Make For Friends @Education Possible

2. Bangle Bracelets

Need: plain bangle bracelets, charms, embroidery floss, and glue

This cute project turns a plain bangle bracelet into a beautiful, colorful piece of jewelry. Since it can be made with any color of embroidery floss, you can make them for every season and holiday!

When we went to Michael’s, we could only find bangles with a clasp, which ended up working well. Just make sure that when you’re wrapping the floss, you leave enough room for it to open and close if it needs to.

6 DIY Gifts Middle School Girls Can Make For Friends @Education Possible

3. Clothespin Picture Frame

Need: clothespins, cardboard, paint, glue

Abigail saw this DIY frame on Pinterest and fell in love! She decided to change it up by adding some color. Like most teen girls, she is drawn to neon, and that’s what she chose. She painted the cardboard circle black, so the clothespins would pop even more.

After everything was dry, she used a hot glue gun to attach the clothespins to the front of the cardboard.

Then she just clipped on her pictures. Older kids enjoy changing out their pictures frequently and this frame makes it incredibly easy.

6 DIY Gifts Middle School Girls Can Make For Friends @Education Possible

4. Duct Tape Clutch

Need: Duct tape, felt

Every year, Abigail likes to make at least one gift for her friends out of duct tape. I think she’s amazed that she can turn something so industrial into something pretty.

She wanted to make a practical gift, so she chose this duct tape clutch.

Abigail altered the tutorial a bit by adding a piece down both sides so no felt could be seen unless the purse was open. She made a small bow to secure to the front.

It’s the perfect size to carry the few items your teen may need when she’s at a special event.

6 DIY Gifts Middle School Girls Can Make For Friends @Education Possible

5. Personalized Charger

Need: duct tape or washi tape

At our house, we’re constantly battling over the chargers. With this simple idea, you’ll always know which one is yours.

Instead of glitter, we chose to wrap ours in duct tape.

Choose a roll of either washi tape or duct tape. Tip: if you purchase the small-sized duct tape, you won’t have to worry about cutting straight edges.

Wrap the solid plastic ends of the charger with the tape, making sure to stop at the edges. Don’t cover the electronic parts.

With the wide variety of color and pattern choices available, it’s easy to let your personality shine through.

6 DIY Gifts Middle School Girls Can Make For Friends @Education Possible

 6. Safety Pin Bracelet

Need: safety pins, glass beads, elastic string

What a simple way to make a cute bracelet! Fill up safety pins with small glass beads, making sure to close them when you’re done.

Abigail chose to add her beads randomly, but you can create any kind of pattern you’d like.

Take two pieces of string and thread them through the ends of the safety pins, making sure they are all facing the same way.

Abigail used around 50 for her bracelet, but the number you need will depend on the size bracelet you’re making. If there is more space than you’d like once you finally test it on your wrist, just add some more beaded pins.

6 DIY Gifts Middle School Girls Can Make For Friends @Education Possible

Want even more teen girl projects? Here are the six we made last year.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to let your teen girls spend time this holiday creating beautiful things for their friends and loved ones.

What gifts do your middle school girls like to give to their friends?

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Megan Zechman
Megan Zechman


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