Kingdom Keepers Quests at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Kingdom Keepers is a series of bestselling children’s novels, written by Ridley Pearson. In them, five teens are chosen to be the first Disney Hosts Interactives (hologram guides) at Walt Disney World. Each night they find themselves transported to the parks where they are involved in a battle with Disney villains, called Overtakers (led by Maleficent) over control of the parks.

Kingdom Keepers Quests at Disney's Magic Kingdom Education PossibleThis post contains affiliate links.

The books offer a unique view of these popular parks and contain plenty of thrills to keep kids engaged.

As residents of Central Florida, we heard a lot about the books over the years, but hadn’t taken the time to read them, until last year. We decided it was finally time and added the first one, Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark, to our book club reading list.

Kingdom Keepers Quests at Disney's Magic Kingdom Education Possible

My family was hooked!

We were excited when we found out that you can bring the books to life by taking part in quests while visiting Disney.

There are two ways to try your luck at a Kingdom Keeper Quest.

  1. In the Walt Disney World Birnbaum Guide 2014, you will find two exclusive Kingdom Keepers Quests – one for the Magic Kingdom and one for Animal Kingdom.
  2. In iTunes, you can download a Kingdom Keepers Magic Kingdom Expert Quest app which will send you on a completely different quest from the Birnbaum Guide.

Because we are such fans of the books, our family decided to give both quests a try during a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom.

We decided to start with the quest on the app.

Kingdom Keepers Quests at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Education Possible

After you open the app, you will be given a variety of clues to solve, all revolving around an area in the park related to the first Kingdom Keeper’s book. For example, the first clue had us starting in Town Square where we were given a riddle. Once we knew what the riddle was describing, we had to go its location and type in the object we were now facing.

Throughout the quest we not only had to solve puzzles, but we occasionally had to go to a location and press a button to prove that we were at the correct location.

I appreciated this part for two reasons.

  1. If you’re not very familiar with the Magic Kingdom, giving your location guarantees that you are in the correct spot for the clue that follows.
  2. Families like us, who are extremely familiar with the park, could probably finish the quest without even moving. But traveling around solving clues together adds excitement to the day, which we would have missed had we just tried to finish the quest instead of really experiencing it.

After we finished the app quest, we moved on to the one in the guide.

Kingdom Keepers Quests at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Education Possible

Just like the previous quest, this one also took us around the Magic Kingdom, solving clues and puzzles. It appears that different years of the guide contain unique quests. This is great for families who love the quests and want to do more than one!

In the 2014 guide, the Magic Kingdom Quest is split into three different categories, within 4 different locations:

  • Location Quest
  • Observation Quest
  • Crossout Quest

Each of the 4 locations contain a separate location, observation, and crossout quest. The crossout quests use the same box of letters, so as you continue to cross out letters, an answer will be revealed.

To begin, we solved the location quest and found out we were supposed to travel to Tomorrowland. Once there, we worked on the observation clue, which took us to a specific attraction where we had to record an observation. The last item was to complete the crossout clue.

Once we completed everything we were left with a clue to the location where we needed to go to get our reward for solving the Kingdom Keepers Quest.

Kingdom Keepers Quests at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Education Possible

What a fun day and a great way to bring a book to life! We really felt like we were a part of the book. At each location, my girls talked about what happened there in the story. As a mom, it was wonderful to see how much they retained from their reading of this story from months ago.

Next time you’re visiting Walt Disney World, consider reading the books before you arrive and give these quests a try.

What book has your family enjoyed seeing brought to life?

Megan Zechman
I love homeschooling! Learning is a way of life for our family. Most days you will find us exploring our Central Florida community, having fun while learning. I am constantly looking for new and interactive ways to engage my older children.
Megan Zechman
Megan Zechman
  1. I had no idea! We haven’t read these books yet but I personally would love We visit Disney at least 2x a year so we will have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. That is so nice that they have a quest for those books. I have been wanting to get these books.

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  4. Hey Megan! I just happened upon this post and came to the pic of the girls with Ridley Scott. I thought, “I know those kids!” Then I scrolled up and saw the author! :0) Thanks for the post. Julia and I read together at night and have made it through the first 3 books. We like reading the books since we have such a personal connection. The hubs even verified many facts in the books we never knew about (e.g. the storage areas in S.M.). He also knows one of the people Mr. Scott shadowed at MK. FUN! We will definitely be checking out these quests. We had no idea. Thanks again for the information.