Fun Things to Do on a Snow Day for Teens

Fun things to do on a snow day with your tweens and teens.

Do you have snow days in your homeschool? They’re a great excuse to let your kids skip school once in a while during the cold winter months.

When you fill the day with winter activities, cabin fever won’t set in and you’ll have a happy snow day.

Here are a list of things that will guarantee the whole family has a great day together.

Tween girl in blue snowpants and striped parka, kneeling in snow, with snowy landscape.

When we were growing up, there was nothing better than waking up and hearing your school number on the radio after a big snowfall. It was so exciting knowing that you had a full day ahead of you with no responsibilities.

So the next time you get a snowy day, surprise your kids with a day off and use these ideas to spend quality time, making memories together.

Fun Things to Do on a Snow Day

Here are 14 great ideas you can use to make sure your next snow filled day is one your older kids won’t forget, whether you spend it with the immediate family or you invite friends and neighbors to join you.

Included are both outdoor activities for those who don’t mind the cold weather and ideas for indoor snow day fun.

Go Sledding or Tubing 

Sledding and snow tubing are two exciting activities you can easily enjoy with friends or family after a fresh snow fall.

Bundle up and head out to a big hill in your neighborhood. If you’re looking for a way up the thrill factor, try hooking a tube up to the back of a 4-wheeler!

Go Ice Skating 

Never been ice skating before? Now is the perfect time to head to your nearest rink (or frozen pond) and get out on the ice. We live in Florida and my kids still love ice skating.

Build a Snow Fort 

Sure, the next time you get a lot of snow, you could build a snowman, but why not make a fort instead? Chances are that your tweens will find it way more exciting.

If you’re lucky enough to have several inches of good packing snow in your yard, spend some time building a fort together.  

Snowball Fight 

Middle schoolers love a good battle, so encourage them to gather up some friends in the neighborhood for an epic snowball fight after your next snow storm.

They could use their newly built fort to defend themselves.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

During the day, if the weather conditions are favorable, have everyone bundle up, grab their phones and head outside for some fresh air while going on a winter photo scavenger hunt.

Tweens can work together or turn it into a competition to see who can find the most winter-themed items from the list.

Bake Cookies 

If you only bake cookies during the holidays, a snow day is the perfect excuse to spend time in the kitchen with your tweens making their favorite cookies.

They’ll love whipping up a batch of gooey chocolate chip, mouth-watering sugar, or irresistible peanut butter.

You’ll have fun bonding and your tween will learn a valuable life skill. And enjoy a sweet treat. 

Have an Indoor Picnic

For lunch, spread out a blanket and have a picnic inside. It’s a great way to connect and everyone will have so much fun.

Your older kids can help you make some sandwiches or gather a few snacks for the meal.

Movie Marathon

If it’s too cold to head outside, get warm and cozy on the couch in the living room and watch some movies. You can choose your favorite or one you’ve never seen, but have always wanted to view.

Personally, we always welcome the opportunity to watch our favorite Marvel titles.

A day with nothing scheduled is a great time to snuggle under a warm blanket and pull up some feature films. Don’t forget the popcorn and candy!

Play Board Games 

A fun way to fill the hours during a day off from school is to pull out your favorite board games.

Either choose a few titles that are quick or, since you have the time, pull one out that takes a bit longer to play. Pandemic is one of our favorites.

Spend the day enjoying some fun games and friendly competition.  

Hot Chocolate Bar

Everyone loves hot cocoa on cold winter days, so during your snow day, make it more festive by putting out a bunch of yummy toppings for your kids to choose from.

Go beyond the marshmallows with things like sprinkles, caramel, peppermint. Win some bonus points with your tweens by grabbing some hot cocoa bombs to use instead of powered hot chocolate.

Play Video Games

Take this opportunity to learn a bit more about your tween’s favorite video games. Let your kids teach you how to play or turn it into a competition.

Your children will love the chance to spend part of the day playing video games, especially if you normally have a screen time limit for them.

Write to a Loved One 

Help your tweens think of someone in their life who would enjoy getting mail and encourage them to write them a note.

Imagine how excited grandma or a favorite aunt would be if they received a hand-written message.

It could be as simple as a personal note added to a card or a more lengthy letter. If your kids are crafty, they could even make a card to send.

Work on a Craft or Hobby 

Sometimes kids get so busy with school and other responsibilities, they don’t have time for creative pursuits.

If your tween has a hobby they love or one they’ve always wanted to try, there’s no better time for them to work on it. Give these easy winter crafts for teens a try.

This sock snowman is simple (and adorable) craft to complete. 

Earn Some Money 

The days after a winter storm are the perfect opportunity for tweens to make some extra money.

Maybe they could do some extra chores for you, shovel snow in the neighborhood, or babysit for your friends and neighbors.

Girl in yellow winter jacket with fur trimmed hood leaning back with mouth open catching snow.

Whether you spend your snow day inside or outside, kids will love taking an unexpected break to have some fun together with these fun snow day activities.

Oh, and don’t forget the hot cocoa and marshmallows.


These items will help make your snow day even more epic.

  • Older kids will love wearing a knitted beanie in their favorite colors when they’re out in the snow.
  • For amazing rich hot chocolate, use hot cocoa bombs.
  • What teen wouldn’t enjoy wrapping up in a burrito blanket on a cold day?

More Winter Ideas

Here are a few more things to keep you busy on a cold winter day.

Which of these snow day activities is your tween’s favorite?

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