Fun Winter Activities to Do With Your Teens

Here are a bunch of winter activities for teens. A list of fun things you can do with your older kids or they can do with their friends when it’s cold outside.

Winter is chilly and the days are short, but it provides so many wonderful and opportunities to enjoy time with friends and family, both inside and outside.

These teen winter activities will keep your older kids busy during the cold, dark, wintery days.

Whatever your kids end up doing these first few months of the year, they’re bound to make memories that will last long after the season ends!

2 teens on a snowy hill. One jumping in the air, the other sliding down in a tube.

Looking for things your teens and tweens can do when it’s cold outside? Check out these winter-themed activities.

Winter Activities for Teens

I love these ideas for the cold weather months because they are perfect for teens and tweens to do together and bonus – they work great for whole families too.

So, if your older kids are sitting around bored or you’re looking for a way to make some family memories this season, work your way through this list of activities you can do to celebrate winter.

Ice skating

A great way to get teens and tweens outside during the cold winter months is ice skating.

Whether ice skating on an ice rink or on a frozen pond, ice skating keeps them entertained and active throughout the season.

Skilled ice skaters will love showing off their moves, while those who are less experienced can have fun moving around the rink at their own pace, learning how to skate. Either way, they’ll have a blast gliding on the ice with their friends.

So wrap up, put on your ice skates and head out on some ice this winter.

Sitting Around a Fire

When the weather turns colder, it’s the perfect time to sit around a fire pit or bonfire. Let your kids invite a bunch of friends over and spend the night telling stories and roasting s’mores around the fire.

If it’s a clear night, you can look at the sky, naming the constellations and looking for shooting stars.

Don’t forget the blankets and hot chocolate.

Relaxing around a fire is a great way to enjoy time outside without freezing.

Teen boy and girl sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows in winter


Sledding is always a blast, and it’s the perfect winter activity for tweens to do with their friends or for the whole family to do together.

It’s a fun way to get kids out of the house, doing something active and enjoying the cold winter air.

Teens and tweens will love sledding or tubing down snowy hills with their friends and family. Racing each other or just trying to go down as fast as possible.

It will definitely make winter exciting.

Sledding is a cost-effective and enjoyable activity for everyone.

Winter Nature Walk

Winter nature walks offer a unique experience, as nature looks so different this time of year. Head out to a local park, trail, or just walk around your neighborhood.

While outside, take notice of the foliage and cool wildlife that can you can only see during the winter months.

Keep an eye out for animal tracks and see if you can identify them, especially if there’s snow on the ground. Observe how animals are adapting to the cold temperatures by looking closely at their behaviors and homes.

Watch and listen for birds and try to identify them by their markings or unique call. Here are lots of fun winter bird activities you can do together.

You can also turn your walk into an exciting challenge with this printable winter photo scavenger hunt.

An opt-in box for a winter photo scavenger hunt.

Winter nature walks are an amazing way to connect with the world in a different way than usual. So bundle up and head outside!

Hot Chocolate Bar

Even if you’re stuck inside during the winter, you can still do something out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for a way to add some magic to a cold, dreary day, why not create a hot chocolate bar?

It’s a festive way to enjoy the most popular winter drink. Your older kids will love making crazy hot cocoa concoctions.

Along with mugs of hot chocolate, put out a bunch of delicious items your teens would enjoy, like:

Make it a family affair or let your tweens invite some friends over. Either way, everyone will have a blast adding their favorite toppings to their cocoa. It’s bound to bring plenty of joy and warmth to a wintery day with every sip!

What better way to stay cozy than with a hot chocolate bar? You can enjoy it while you play some games or watch a movie.

Hot Chocolate BombsHot Chocolate BombsHot Chocolate BombsPeppermint StirrersPeppermint StirrersPeppermint StirrersDehydrated Marshmallow BitsDehydrated Marshmallow BitsDehydrated Marshmallow BitsSnowflake SprinklesSnowflake SprinklesSnowflake Sprinkles


Winter Crafts

Winter crafts are a blast. They can be lots of fun for the whole family, or your tweens and teens can get creative on their own.

Use winter-themed ideas and symbols in your crafts to make decorations to make your home festive for the season. How fun would it be to fill your home with snowflakes, snowmen, and penguins?

You could also work on crafts that you can use during the cold winter months, like scarves and blankets.

Luckily, there are plenty of winter crafts for teens to choose from. Just make sure your kids choose something that interests them and will keep them engaged.

Crafts are a great way to keep warm while make lasting memories at the same time. So grab some supplies and get crafting!

Board Games for Teens

Winter activities don’t mean you have to bundle up and go outside. There are plenty of ways to have fun inside during the wintry days.

One of the best indoor winter activity is board games. There’s nothing like sitting around the table battling it out over a game.

Board games will keep teens and tweens entertained for hours on end. Gather up the family or better yet, invite a bunch of teens over for a game night.

The key is to choose games that match their interest and experience level. Do your kids like strategy games or would they rather play a bunch of card games? Do they like hilarious board games or family friendly classic games?

Play the printable version of a classic by downloading this winter Scattergories game.

Pick one of your favorites or try something new. Whatever game you choose, you will have a lot of fun.

Just don’t forget the snacks and drinks!

Pandemic Board GamePandemic Board GamePandemic Board GameExploding KittensExploding KittensExploding KittensTicket to Ride Board GameTicket to Ride Board GameTicket to Ride Board GameThrow Throw BurritoThrow Throw BurritoThrow Throw Burrito


Movie Marathon

It doesn’t have to be hard to find fun activities to keep your tweens entertained during the long winter. A movie marathon is always a teen favorite.

Not sure which movies to watch? To make it easy, have everyone make a list of the movies they’d love to see. Then, you can use that when you’re choosing what to watch.

Along with watching a movie here and there, plan a movie marathon with your kids. You could make it a themed event and match the movies and snacks to the theme.

There’s something special about spending a cold winter day snuggled up on the couch, under a blanket, drinking hot cocoa, watching a bunch of awesome movies.

Again, you can make this a family affair or let your kids invite some friends over.

Pop some popcorn, grab some candy, and drinks and watch some movies.

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As you can see, there are lots of fun things older kids can do during the winter season. Whether it’s spending time with friends outside or hanging with the family inside, these ideas will help make the season bright for everyone.

Mom, dad and two teen girls outside with snowy trees and hill behind them

Which winter activity is your teen or tween most excited about?

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