Easy Winter Crafts for Teens to Make Right Now

Capture the beauty of the season with these winter crafts for teens. Your older kids will have a ton of fun working on these projects.

They’re a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

From snowflakes, icicles, snowmen, and winter animals like the arctic fox, there’s no shortage of popular symbols this time of year you can use for inspiration for the perfect winter craft.

Winter-themed DIY projects are a wonderful way for the whole family to spend an afternoon on a snowy day.

4 winter DIY crafts. Knitted headband, block snowman, snowflake soap

Keep reading for a bunch of great DIY projects teens can work on this season.

Winter Crafts for Teens

The beginning of the year is the perfect time for fun winter crafts. The holiday season is over, so it’s time to make the inside of our homes look like a beautiful winter scene. That means winter weather crafts.

Remember that crafts aren’t just for little kids. When you choose the right project, teens love creating things.

So, whether it’s been a while since your kids worked on a DIY project or they’ve been crafting for weeks, make time for some winter crafts.

Winter is a beautiful season, but unfortunately, it’s also one where we spend a lot of time indoors. DIY projects are a fun way to keep kids busy during the long winter days, so they’re not spending all of their free time watching TV and playing video games.

There are plenty of options for both crafty and non-crafty teens. The good news is that the ones listed below are all pretty simple, even if they look like you spent days working on them.

Since you are most likely stuck inside anyway, spend some quality time together making homemade decorations to celebrate winter. They’re fun things to do on a snow day!

Tweens can even turn their bedrooms into a winter wonderland with some cool decor they make themselves.

Blue and white, aqua and white, and purple and white quilled snowflakes lying on a table. Paper rolled around a quilling tool.

Winter Themed Crafts

So what makes a winter-themed craft? Basically, anything that makes you think of chilly weather.

When you’re making a craft to represent the season, there are plenty of symbols to choose from.

Snowflakes and snowmen are classic winter staples that can be used in a variety of creative ways, like folding paper snowflakes to making 3D snowmen from cotton balls.

Other popular designs include penguins, stars, ice skates, winter animals, sleds, and igloos.

If you’re making something for your personal use, instead of winter decor, think of projects that will keep you warm, like scarves, head coverings, blankets, and hot cocoa.

You’ll find plenty of winter motifs and warm practical items in the list below.

4 DIY crafts for winter. Curled paper snowflake, block snowman, hoop wreath, and star garland

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Winter Craft Kits

If you’d rather go the simple route and use a craft kit to make something wintery, here are some great ideas.

Kipp Brothers 24 Pack DIY Suncatcher Paper Crafts (Snowflake)Creativity for Kids Beaded Snowflake Ornaments - Create 6 Christmas Tree Ornaments (New Packaging)Fun Express Penguin Fleece Throw Craft Kit for Kids - Make a 54 inch x 54 inch Blanket - Winter Craft and Activities


The winter craft ideas below are simple enough that tweens and teens will have no trouble completing them on their own.

They’re lots of fun, most require few craft supplies, and all of them will definitely help your family capture the beauty of the season.

So, grab a mug of hot cocoa, a yummy snack, and pull out the hot glue gun and get crafting!

Winter Crafts

These winter crafts will make it easy to celebrate the season with your older kids.

As you can see, there are a bunch of adorable winter crafts older kids can work on this season.

Which winter-themed project is your family excited to create first?

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