Valentine’s Day Activities for Middle School Kids

Looking for Valentine’s Day activities for middle school kids? Remember that even though this day revolves around love, it doesn’t have to be romantic love.

There are plenty of ways your tweens and teens can have a wonderful day without the pressure of a romantic interest. Spending time with family and friends is a great way to celebrate.

Below, you’ll find a bunch of Valentine ideas older kids can use to observe the holiday with people they care about. See what grabs your tween’s attention and add it to your plans on February 14th.

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Valentine’s Day Activities for Teens

Here are 10 ideas to help make this an excellent holiday. Included are things you can do in a classroom/homeschool, together as a family, or for your tweens to do with their friends.

They are things that you and your older kids will enjoy, whether you want a quiet time at home or would rather fill the day with exciting activities.

Speed Conversating 

All tweens can benefit from making new connections and a fun way to help them is by setting up a round of speed conversating. The concept is sort of like speed dating, but instead of trying to find a romantic match, kids will be looking for things they have in common with fellow students.

Come up with some conversation starters and write them down on index cards. Sit everyone down across from each other, hand out the cards and set a timer for a few minutes. They should spend the time talking with their partners about the discussion starter on the card. By the end, each tween will have talked with everyone in their class.

This is a great activity for standard classrooms, homeschool co-op classes, or anywhere you would like to see more connections being made.   

Send a Valentine to a Soldier

Older kids can boost a soldier’s morale while making them feel a little extra special this month by writing them a personal Valentine. Once your cards and letters are complete, send them to Hugs for Soldiers, an organization that will get them mailed out to our heroes.

Organize a letter writing campaign in your child’s classroom, homeschool co-op, or work together as a family to surprise a few of our troops. 

Valentine’s Day Crafts 

There are all kinds of cool crafts you can work on with your tweens and some you can even use to decorate for the holiday once you’re done. Use ribbon to make a pretty Valentine’s Day tree, create some festive garland to hang up, or paint some Valentine themed rocks to give to friends.

Make Dinner as a Family 

A great way to connect as a family this Valentine’s Day is to prepare a meal together. You can either make everyone’s favorite dishes or choose something your tweens have always wanted to try. Don’t forget the dessert. Chocolate-covered strawberries are incredibly easy to make and delicious too.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt 

Do you normally give your kids gifts on Valentine’s Day? If so, this year, instead of just handing it to them, send them on a scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to add some fun to the unwrapping. All you need to do is jot down several clues on slips of paper and hide them around your house. Place their gift at the end. You’ll love watching your tweens’ excitement as they run around solving clues. 

Don’t know what to get your tween? Here are some boys Valentine’s Day gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts for girls.

Bake Heart-Shaped Cookies  

Baking delicious heart-shaped cookies with your loved one is a fabulous way to spend part of Valentine’s Day. You could bake them from scratch or go simple by buying pre-made cookie dough. Sugar cookies with pink and red frosting are always a great option.

Eat them yourself or double your batch and give some away to friends.

Escape Room

An escape room is an exciting activity to do together as a family or with some friends. If you’ve never done one before, your group gets “locked” into a room and has to solve challenging puzzles within a certain time limit to win and get released.

This can be a whole lot of fun and is definitely an event that will get you working together. 

Valentine’s Day Scattergories

These Valentine themed Scattergories games are a great way to add some fun to your holiday. There are four different games to choose from. Players try to think of words to match the different categories, using the letters at the top of the columns to start each one.

Add them to your holiday party activities or play with your family and friends. 

Laser Tag

Your teenagers are not only in for a real sweet treat but also some fierce competition this Valentine’s Day when you tell them you’re all going to laser tag as a family.     

Dinner and a Movie

If you’d rather keep things simple this year, celebrate the holiday at home as a family by grabbing some pizza and watching a movie together. Buy a selection of candy and pop some popcorn to enjoy during the movie.

These 10 Valentine’s activities are ideal for families with older kids. Hopefully, they give you some great ideas for celebrating together. Don’t forget to ask your teen what they’d like to do and for any ideas they have in mind.

Two small red wooden hearts, lying on their edge, sitting on top of a light wooden table.

Valentine Resources

Here are some other fun things to add to your celebration.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day activity for tweens?

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