10 Quick Middle School Art Projects When You’re Pressed for Time

Art lessons don’t have to be complicated. These quick art projects for middle school are the best way for busy homeschooling families to make time for art.

What comes to mind when you hear homeschool art?

A time-consuming elective that rarely makes the cut in your busy school week? Something you wish your kids had more time for? That’s what many of us think of art education.

Most of us aren’t art teachers. It’s not in our comfort zone.

But thankfully there are plenty of simple middle school art projects, with step by step directions, that we can use to add art into our homeschool day.

Collage of three different art projects, chalk art pear, blueberry juice flower, watercolor flower.

Your art lessons don’t have to include complex activities. Instead, focus on easy art projects that are geared toward your child’s interests.

Quick Art Projects for Middle School

The 10 fun art projects listed here encompass a variety of mediums, so your older kids can learn a variety of techniques. It should be easy to find something that your tweens find interesting.

They can choose from a project using watercolor paints, a couple that replicate the techniques of great artists, simple line drawing projects, a colored pencil mosaic, and more.

No matter your child’s skill level, you’ll find a cool activity that your older kids will enjoy, that won’t take a lot of time.

What are the Benefits of Studying Art?

For middle schoolers, studying art can open up a world of possibilities. It’s a fun way to build self-confidence. Creative activities also help students in other subjects, like language arts and reading.

Art lessons teach critical thinking skills, spark imagination, and can reduce stress. It allows middle school students the chance to learn new techniques and be creative.

Whether they see themselves as artistic, art shows tweens different ways to view the world and lets them express themselves in a unique way.

Take Time for Art

As homeschooling moms, I know it’s difficult to fit everything in. Something has to give. For most of us, that something is often things that take extra planning and time, like art. But as you saw, art lessons have great benefit for kids of all ages. There are many reasons to add some art activities to your homeschooling week.

It’s true that art projects take additional planning, but they don’t all have to take hours to finish. That’s the best thing about these projects. Most of them take around 30 minutes to complete, depending on how detailed your teen gets.

Another bonus is that they also don’t require a ton of specialized art supplies. In fact, you probably have most of the basic supplies on hand already.

If we’re honest, most of our kids will not become artists. Our goal is to add some art into their lesson plans.

Instead of ditching art altogether because of the time-commitment, there’s a better way. Simply change your perspective and choose different activities. Leave the complex art projects for when you have free time and your teen has the interest.

For your normal homeschooling weeks, when you don’t have much time, add one of these quick teen art projects to your lesson plans to give your older kids a break from their book learning to do something creative.

Teen girl using acrylic paints to paint on a canvas at a table.

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Art Supplies for Tweens

While this isn’t a complete list of items you’ll need for all the art projects found below, these are some basics.

Soft Chalk PastelsSoft Chalk PastelsSoft Chalk PastelsSHARPIE MarkersSHARPIE MarkersSHARPIE MarkersOil Pastel SetOil Pastel SetOil Pastel SetMixed Media PaperMixed Media PaperMixed Media PaperColored Pencils SetColored Pencils SetColored Pencils SetAcrylic Paint SetAcrylic Paint SetAcrylic Paint Set


When you’re running short on time, but you want to add an art activity to your homeschooling day, choosing one from this list is the perfect way.

Quick Teen Art Projects

When you're looking for a way to fit art into your lesson plans, give one of these a try. They're simple and take little time to complete. They're a great way to develop your kids' creativity.

Hopefully these beautiful, yet easy projects have encouraged you to add some art back into your homeschool days.

Middle School Art Ideas

If you are looking for more inspiration for your art lesson plans, check these out.

Which one of these quick art projects is your tween going to try first?

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  1. Awesome ideas! We love to add art into our day but it can be hard to find the time; pinning this wonderful list for future reference.

    1. Thank you Joanne. I totally agree, that’s why I’m always looking for ways to fit it in. Ultimately, I found that I was thinking too big, so I started to search for smaller sized projects that I could use to introduce various mediums to my girls. If one sticks, then we spend more time on it.

  2. Love your art posts, Tried to comment and let you know on your others 🙂
    My daughter is the artist in the house so she will love these, thanks for sharing!

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