Easy and Practical Fall Chalk Art Projects

Autumn has arrived!

It is time for apples, pumpkins, cooler temperatures, and nature walks to enjoy the great outdoors.

As a way to celebrate the season we have created a number of easy and practical fall chalk art projects to share with friends and family.

Easy and Practical Fall Chalk Art Projects - Education Possible

Fall Chalk Art

Our fondness for chalk pastel art continues to grow! Working with chalk is a favorite in our house because it requires very few supplies, takes just a little time, and it allows everyone to express their own creativity.

We have one simple rule when it comes to chalk art, and that is —

Every project is supposed to look different!!

For inspiration and directions we used “A Seasonal Start in FALL Chalk Pastels – Art for All Ages” from Southern Hodgepodge.



We thought acorns and pumpkins were perfect to represent autumn!

Here are our supplies (chalk pastels, pastel paper, and the tutorials in “Fall Chalk Pastels”) and a few of our creations:

Fall Chalk Art Supplies - Education Possible

To get an idea of just how fast and fun chalk art can be, Southern Hodgepodge has created this draw a pumpkin in less than one minute challenge.  Go ahead and give it a try with your family!

Art Projects to Share

Although we enjoy hanging our art projects around the house to decorate our walls, we decided to use our fall chalk art projects in a few new ways and share them with family and friends.

In order to neatly share and use our projects we needed to figure out how to contain the chalk so it wouldn’t easily rub off.

One suggestion we have heard of is to spray the finished pieces with hairspray and allow them to dry. This option works well, however we also decided to experiment with one of favorite homeschool resources, our trusty laminator, to see if it would preserve our treasured works of art.

Much to our delight the laminating option was a success! Just be sure to carefully place your chalk art piece in the lamination pouch carefully and don’t move it. If you try to reposition the paper some of the chalk will attach to the inside of the laminating pouch.

We used our chalk art masterpieces for the following projects:

Fall Chalk Art Projects to Share - Education Possible


Send a thoughtful note to a special friend this holiday season.

Cut a piece of paper so it is a little smaller than the front of a notecard and then add your chalk art design. Laminate your completed project and then attach to the front of the card with tape or other adhesive.

Place Cards (Name Cards)

Set your holiday table with handmade place/name cards for each guest.

For cards that will “stand up” on the table, cut out 3 ½ ” x 4” pieces of light colored paper. Fold the paper in half to make a “tent”. Decorate one or both sides of the paper that is visible with a chalk art design, leaving space to write your guest’s name on the card. Use chalk or a marker to write your guest’s name then spray the card with hairspray to set.

For a flat card, cut out a 2” x 3 ½” piece of light colored paper. Decorate one side of the paper with a chalk art design. Laminate the paper and cut around the paper edges. Use a Sharpie or Dry Erase Marker to write your guest’s name on the card and them place on the dinner table.


Create a unique children’s placemat for your holiday table.

Decorate an 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper with bright and festive chalk art designs. Laminate the page using an 8.9” x 11.4” Laminating Pouch. Use these fun placements to mark a special place at the table for your young guests.


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  1. Susan these are beautiful!! Your pumpkins, acorns and note cards and more. So creative and to give these as gifts – the BEST. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. What a beautiful & creative art project! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you stop by again next week!