Thanksgiving Table Decorations for Kids to Make

Looking for Thanksgiving table decorations for kids to make? Look no further.

The Thanksgiving table is a special place to gather with family and friends to celebrate fond memories and pass along special traditions to younger generations.

There’s nothing better than filling it with a bunch of homemade decorations.

Here are 12 simple crafts that you and your tweens can create to add to your holiday table, no matter how big or small it is.

Paper turkey craft. Three pieces of paper are fanned out to make the tail.

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Why Do We Decorate the Table for Thanksgiving?

One of the most traditional Thanksgiving customs is the decoration of the dinner table. But why?

There are many explanations for why people fix up their tables for Thanksgiving. Some say it is to show gratitude for all the good things that have happened in the past year.

Others believe it is a way to welcome and honor guests, or to provide a festive atmosphere for the holiday celebration.

Some appreciate having a beautifully trimmed table to show off their culinary skills.

No matter the reason, a festive table can help make the day extra-special.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and giving thanks. It’s also a time for great food! And that means fun table décor.

This can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Some ideas include:

  • Place a pumpkin or gourd in the center of the table as a centerpiece.
  • Decorate the table with leaves, berries, and other autumnal elements.
  • Put a bouquet of fall flowers on the table.
  • Use candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Create a classic cornucopia to adorn your dining room table.

Personally, I think the best holiday decorations are those you make as a family. Thanksgiving crafts give you a chance to spend time together, while creating festive pieces you can use year after year.

Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun with it!

Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Kids

Choose some of these quick and easy Thanksgiving crafts to personalize your holiday table. Even if you and your tweens aren’t super-crafty, you’ll still have a lot of fun working on these projects together.

As you can see, there are a bunch of cute and easy DIY Thanksgiving crafts that would look fantastic on your dinner table.

Thanksgiving Craft Kits

Want to add some homemade decorations to your table, but don’t want to start from scratch? Use an all-in-one kit to make it even easier this year.

Standing Foam TurkeyStanding Foam TurkeyStanding Foam TurkeyThanksgiving Felt Craft SetThanksgiving Felt Craft SetThanksgiving Felt Craft SetThanksgiving Pumpkin TurkeyThanksgiving Pumpkin TurkeyThanksgiving Pumpkin TurkeyThanksgiving Gnome DecorationsThanksgiving Gnome DecorationsThanksgiving Gnome Decorations


Thanksgiving Activities for Tweens

Here are some more ideas you can use to have fun as a family this holiday.

Which Thanksgiving table decoration are you excited to make?

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