Middle School 

Do those two words make you feel terrified, unqualified, and overwhelmed?

Have you ditched the fun activities from elementary school to focus on textbooks, lectures, and tests because you thought it was the only way to set a solid foundation for high school?

Are your kids bored, frustrated, and starting to hate school?

Did you know that middle school doesn’t have to be overwhelming?

I believe that middle school can be the best years to homeschool when you use creative activities and unique tools.

From the Education Possible community:

Your blog is just what I needed to help inspire me to push on with the school year.


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I love having so many resources and ideas from someone who has been there and is still there!


Imagine a homeschooling day where your children are excited to learn because subjects are coming alive for them. Where lessons are completed independently, without grumbling, and with more information being retained. 

It is possible to have a smile on your face at the end of the day because…

homeschooling middle school can be fun!

When you become a part of the Education Possible community, you’ll learn how to make middle school the best years to homeschool by using creative activities and unique tools – no textbooks required.


I'm Megan, owner of Education Possible. I have been married to Craig for 28 years and we have two daughters - Abigail (20) and Marianna (18). Abigail is a junior at UCF and Marianna will be heading out on a Semester at Sea in January. We live in sunny Orlando and love spending time at the local theme parks, at the beach, traveling as much as possible, and going to UCF football games.

Middle School Almost Made Me Give Up Homeschooling

I homeschooled my two girls from the beginning, but there came a point when I thought about sending them to public school. And do you know why? Middle School. I was terrified of the middle school years and felt unprepared and unqualified.

Like many moms, I was homeschooling so I could plan lessons around my children’s interest and learning styles, but instead, I found myself only teaching from textbooks. And you know what? We were miserable.

So, I decided to go back to the eclectic hands-on, project-based approach from grade school. I kept the math textbooks and for the most part, ditched the rest. The result? My girls fell in love with they used to find boring, are incredible self-starters, and they’re excited to learn new things. 

They are thriving.

There is great joy in homeschooling older kids and I’m here to help you transform your middle school years into something both you and your teen will love.

Excited, but have no idea where to begin? First, know that you can do this.

As part of my community, I’ve got you covered with simple, creative ideas and helpful tools that you can use in your home school. They’re sure to engage your children in ways that textbooks can’t, especially in subjects like geography, history, life skills, and science.

There are all kinds of cool and engaging hands-on activities on the site that you can use to get started. Some of the most popular have been:

To make things easy for you, I’ve also created a bunch of downloads that you can add to your lesson plans to make them more fun. Awesome things like these:

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