DIY Fall Candy Corn Luminary

This DIY candy corn luminary is a simple fall craft for tweens.

Every fall, my family celebrates the season by creating homemade decorations. Last year my daughters and I made beautiful autumn leaf luminaries. We liked the way they looked when they were lit up at night, so we knew we wanted to create another luminary. Since candy corn crafts are cute, we decided to make that our theme this year.

My middle school daughter made this one!

DIY Fall Candy Corn Luminary

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Follow along to see how to make this simple, frugal fall craft that you can use to adorn any table in your home.

Craft Supplies:

  • Glass container (I purchased this tall one from the dollar store. It’s really a vase, but I wanted something tall to represent candy corn, so I’ll just use a larger candle inside.)
  • Glitter acrylic paint (yellow, orange, and silver)
  • Foam brushes
  • Painters tape
DIY Fall Candy Corn Luminary

Creating the Luminary

Clean the glass container, making sure it’s free of dirt and stickers.

Cut two thin strips of painters tape and place them around the vase where you want the three colors separated. Remember that the orange section of candy corn is larger than the other two.

DIY Fall Candy Corn Luminary

Paint the lower section yellow. It took multiple coats of paint for the yellow to stand out, so use as many layers as you need.

Tip: Use a hair dryer to get each coat of paint to dry.

DIY Fall Candy Corn Luminary

Paint the top section silver, coating it so that you can clearly see the color.

Once both colors are dry, carefully remove the painters tape.

DIY Fall Candy Corn Luminary

Now, it’s time to paint the middle section orange. Take your time, especially as you paint near the other colors. Just like the yellow and silver, it will take a lot of paint to get the orange to appear.

Once the whole jar is dry, insert a candle and watch it glow.

DIY Fall Candy Corn Luminary Education Possible

It’s that simple!

We love decorating our home each autumn with fall crafts for teens we’ve created over the years.

Your tweens can also use clothespins to make an adorable pumpkin wreath, embroidery hoops to make these two pumpkin table decorations, or thread balls for pumpkins.

Want even more luminary inspiration? Check out our Autumn Luminary and Christmas Luminary projects. They’re just as simple and frugal as this Candy Corn one!

DIY Luminary A Frugal Autumn Craft EducationPossible

Does your family make fall crafts together?

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