The Ultimate Guide to How to Homeschool Middle School

Looking for help to homeschool middle school?  We have gathered more than 100 tips, resources, words of encouragement, curriculum ideas, and more, to help you figure out how to homeschool middle school for your family.

When you are homeschooling your kids, the days, weeks, and years fly by VERY quickly.  It seems like one day you are teaching your children to read and make Play dough sculptures and the next you are trying to figure out how to teach algebra and chemistry to teenagers!

Homeschooling an older child is different from the younger years. Yes, it can be challenging and sometimes lonely, but it’s not impossible.  As homeschool parents of middle school students ourselves, we have been collecting helpful materials and resources for years.  We are happy to share some of our favorite tips, resources, words of encouragement, curriculum, and more, to help you figure out how to homeschool middle school with your children.

The Ultimate Guide to How to Homeschool Middle School - Education Possible

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FREE Resources (Because Free is always a great place to start)

50 Free Spring Activities – Middle School Homeschool Science

100+ Free Art Lessons for All Ages

Art Around the Ancient World – Hands-on lessons for Sumerians, Egyptians, Assyrians, and more.

Art Curator for Kids – Art projects, art history lesson plans, and art appreciation ideas all from a former museum educator and art teacher.

Free Art Curriculum

Art Lessons by Artist – Multiple creative lessons for O’Keefe, Seurat, Rockwell, and da Vinci.

Curriculum Freebies from Harrington Harmonies – Insect Notebooking pages, The American Revolution Copywork Quotes, Jamestown Unit Study, and more.

Geography Activities: Geography Terms BINGO 

Geography Activities: Make a Homemade Weather Station 

Free Middle School Language Arts

Free Middle School Science Curriculum and Magazines

Free Science Printables for Middle School

Free Science Curriculum for Middle School

Wonderful Wizard of Oz – 10 activities for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Make a Homemade Weather Station -

Words of Encouragement

10 Things Moms Want You to Know About Homeschooling Middle School – Short, insightful tips from experienced homeschool moms.

103 Insights Every Homeschool Mom Needs to Know – 55 moms share their expertise on 103 topics – helpful information for homeschooling ALL ages!

A Middle Schooler’s View of Hands-on Homeschooling What would your middle schooler have to say about homeschooling?

Homeschooling Middle School Doesn’t Always Mean Middle Way

How I Juggle the Needs of My Introvert and Extravert Learners – What do you do when your children learn in very different ways?

How to Start a Homeschool Co-op

I Can’t Homeschool Because My Kids Are In Middle School – There are many reasons why parents decide to stop schooling their children at home once they start middle school.

Join us!  An Community for Moms Who Are Homeschooling Middle School –  Feel free to ask questions of other moms who are currently homeschooling the middle school years.

Learning with Other Families – Friends can work together, each sharing unique interests and skills.

I Can't Homeschool Because My Kids are in Middle School Education Possible

Lessons, Learning Activities, & Teaching Aids

6 Study Tips for Middle & High School Students – It is important for independent learners to build effective study skills.

10 Living Books for Middle School Math – List of math-related literature perfect for the middle school years

77 More Teen Writing Prompts – Try some of these to get your kids writing.

100 Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle & High School

100+ Lessons for Living Books – Ideas for seasons, literature, history, and more.

100+ Living Math Activities for All Ages

100 Words Every Middle Schooler Should Know

American Pioneer Notebooking Unit for Middle School – 20 page American Pioneer Notebooking Unit

The Big Bad Middle School Literature List (Grades 5-8) (Ages 9-14+)

Brainstorming Tips & Tools for Middle School Students – Brainstorming is all about generating ideas.  Students can use brainstorming as a pre-writing activity, to think of topics for a project or presentation, and as a tool for problem solving.

Brainstorming Tips & Tools for Middle School Students

Fall Learning Ideas for Middle School

Field Trip Ideas for Middle & High School Students – Field trips don’t have to stop as students get older!  Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers shares creative field tip ideas for older students.

Fun With Writing for Teens: Online Product Reviews

Geography Activities: Atlas Scavenger Hunt

Guitar Lessons With or Without a Teacher –  Middle & high school student-led learning ideas from Our Journey Westward.

Hands-On Science: Raising Butterflies with Study Download

Homeschooling Middle School with Pinterest – I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I time by finding activities on Pinterest, then I will have more time to teach or to just spend time with my kids.

How & Why to Add Hands-on Learning Activities to Middle School Lessons – Hands-on learning activities shouldn’t stop when kids move into middle school!

How to Avoid Mistakes When Teaching Art 

How to Edit and Grade Writing Part IPart II – How to evaluate and grade your student’s writing.

Homeschooling Middle School with Pinterest Education Possible

How to Make an Edible Map – Kids will enjoy geography mapping activities even more when they realize they can EAT their project when it is complete!

How to Start a Science Co-op

How to Start a Geography Co-op

How to Start a Book Club

How to Teach Middle School Science

Is Teaching Handwriting Still Necessary?

Myths & Legends: A Middle School Unit Study

Reluctant Writers: How We Improved Writing Skills in 3 Months

Science Milestones – Unschool-style learning guides & unit studies to learn about famous lives.

STEM Club –  How to coordinate a STEM Club as well as a variety of hands-on, inquiry based science activities to use in your middle school science classroom.Tools for Homeschooling Middle school

Teaching History with Art and Artifacts

Tools for Homeschooling Middle School – Find ideas for curriculum, books, activities, and online resources.

Ultimate Guide to Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School – More than 100 hands-on learning activities for middle school students in the areas of Art, Field Trips, History & Geography, Language Arts, Life Skills, Math, and Science.

Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Artistic Children

Using Picture Books to Teach Literary Techniques in Middle & High School – You can use these picture books to teach literary techniques, even to older students!

Winter Craft Ideas for Middle School 

The Ultimate Guide to Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School

Curriculum Ideas

American History Middle School Book & Resources Compilation Part I & Part II – List of resources to study Native Americans through the 1850′s (Part I) and 1850s and on (Part II).

Choosing Middle School Homeschool Curriculum – By the authors of The Curriculum Choice

Homeschooling Middle School – Lots of curriculum and lesson ideas as well as tools for teaching middle school.

Homeschooling Middle & High School Math – Strategies and curriculum ideas for upper grade math studies.

Homeschooling Middle & High School Science – Strategies and resources for homeschooling middle & high school science.

How to Be An Amazing Homeschool Geography Teacher – All of the curriculum and activities needed to teach middle & high school geography.

Middle School Homeschool Curriculum Choices – For a kinesthetic learner who loves crafts!

Nature Notebooking Pages – Sealife, Birds, Wildflowers, and more from Harrington Harmonies.

Strategies for Teaching Middle & High School Homeschool Language Arts – Strategies and curriculum ideas from Blog, She Wrote.

How to Teach Homeschool Geography - Education Possible

Teaching Art

Teaching Geography

Teaching History

Teaching Science

Teaching Language Arts & Literature

Teaching Writing (Reluctant Writers)

The Unschooled Version of a Seventh-Grade-ish Curriculum Plan – No textbooks or workbooks here, but a LOT of real books to choose from.

The Unschooled Version of an Eighth-Grade-ish Curriculum Plan – GREAT ideas for the “not-exactly-planning, not-exactly-at-a-grade-level, not-exactly-textbook people” because we know you’re out there!


The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

Stay Connected: Awesome Websites & Social Media

10 Pinterest Boards for Homeschooling Middle School 

12 Must Follow Facebook Pages for Homeschooling Middle School

Finishing Strong: Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years – Weekly link-up of curriculum ideas, unique learning approaches, encouragement, and more.


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